We Belong Together

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Minseok wants a child of his own while Luhan just wants .


Title: We Belong Together

Pairing: XiuHan {top!Luhan and bottom!Xiumin}

Genre: A bowl of Romance with a teaspoon of Humor and a dash of Drama. And oh, just a tiny pinch of . (if the author manage to think of one)




He really doesn't want to sign the contract deal before him. He knows he will get in trouble once the ink stained the paper with his signature. But, he made the mistake of looking up to the man before him who has a crooked smile on his face that made his heart flutters.

The memories of last night comes back in his mind. The soft skin beneath his skin, the beautiful lips against every part of his body, the sweet moans echoing around the room and the pleasure that brings him to heaven made his hand signed the paper without second thoughts.

Minseok smiled at him in gratefulness. He unconciously grabbed Luhan's hand and shook it excitedly. Ohh, that skilled hands that manage to get him to heaven, Luhan thought as he stared at the hand dumbfoundedly.

He snapped out of his thoughts when Minseok suddenly lets out a sentence.

"Oh, thank you, Luhan. Don't worry about everything. As soon as I get pregnant, I will going to disappear in your life."




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Author's Note:

Okay. Sorry to all my readers. I have two unfinished stories in my profile. But, I don't give a damn since this plotline is bothering me from the very start. Ohh my broccoli! I don't even write . *cries*

Please do read it until the very end. And, ohh, don't worry. This might be a oneshot story. MIGHT.BE. 


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Byuntaefanfan 0 points #1
Chapter 27: I'm a fan of your work and I really love it! You're a good author :)
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Chapter 27: I love it . Waiting for belonging
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Congratulations on getting featured!
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Chapter 27: I LOVE YOU❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ YOU ARE THE BEST
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Chapter 24: i really dont like that luhan Plays sehun against his "mother".
happy that yoona could see her girl
Congratulations on getting featured!
Hermin #8
Chapter 27: Wow i love it update soon pls.
teufelchen_netty #9
Chapter 14: omg. it was so thrilling. i am happy Baby sehun is there