Siren Song


Jongin joined a cargo ship in an attempt to turn his life around, only for his very first voyage to be interrupted by notorious pirate Kyungsoo and his crew. As Jongin adapts to life on Kyungsoo's ship, he finds the captain has quite the soft spot for him.



this has become my biggest fanfic to date ;w; thank you everyone who has read, subscribed to, commented on and recced this story!! you're all wonderful ♥

so yeah...pirates!!

Chapter 22 and Epilogue UP!! SS is COMPLETE

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nesi0806 #1
Chapter 23: This is a really beautiful story. Definitely worth reading again :)
inkanara #2
Chapter 23: This is just sooo good, author-nim. I cried while reading this. There's so much emotion in this story. This story is sooo beautiful. And i love the characters. Good job, authornim! I can't wait for your another story.
perfecthyungsik #3
Chapter 23: iM totally not sobbing,,,
23shoes #4

this is a 1 of a kind story yet it is so good omg, can we have more epilogues ;-;
Chapter 23: This is an absolute gold!!!
I just came back to this after, literally, probably years... I remember it was my absolute favourite fanfiction, but uploads stopped for a while. I started reading other things and ultimately I kind of forgot about it. I only just revisit my Bookmarks to see this little gem at the bottom of my list with a happy little green "complete" marker next to it. My heart. I'm so excited to get back into this, I'm probably going to start from the very beginning and read it all the way through just so I can get the full effect.
perkills #7
Chapter 23: Okay so i'm finally done with this after a few very long hours spent reading. I stayed up untill 5 am to rad beacuse that's how much I liked it and couldn't force myslef to stop.
Let me start praising you by saying how much I love the relationships. Taciturn serious Kyungsoo having a soft spot for a baby Jongin? check Loverboy Sehun finding his one true love and giving up his playboy title? check Baekyeol staying together through difficult and easy hand in hand until the end? check Yixing waiting for Jongdae without fail, never once wavering in his love and JOngdae protecting the proof of their love with his own body? check Minseok being the responsible, protective hyung and taking Kyungsoo's coat to ensure he'll find his goal without disturption and thus putting himself at risk but being okay with it because he's a wonderful friend? check Kris and Tao being a new part of the crew but still acting like they knew each other for ages and protecting and tending to the mates with all they have? check Luhan being treated like a part of the family even though he comes from a rich family and never once being mocked or judged for his status but being accepted for who he truly is? check

This fic gave me so meny feelings and a true wish for my own adventure spent with my close friends. You deserve an award for pulling through and finishing this amazing piece of art while keeping the writing top-notch and the story well-thought and interesting untill the end. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Chapter 23: It only took me an age and a half to finally get around to finishing this. Ugh. But I'm glad I can finally pick up fics and read them again. It took much too long to get back into that feeling.

But that's enough about me. About this fic. No matter what you say as it being far from perfect, it will always be perfect to me. All the little things that might make it imperfect make it so much more special to me. Idk when I even joined in on the ride with this fic, but I remember nights staying up late rereading the latest chapter or late nights when I first found it and read it so intricately and so late into the night I could barely function the next day. It was worth it all. Maybe it's because my heart loves adventures, and new worlds created by others and romances that have a love so pure nothing can break them apart. But all I know is that this story had me hooked the moment I started. I thought the use of jewels for names of islands was clever, I thought the not so typical pirate was gr8 bc it wasn't a cliche. Jongin and Ksoo's dynamic was great bc that was also not the typical cliche. I loved how every place had their own sort of accent and even if we didn't know them or what they sounded like, we knew they were there bc of how much justice you did to putting into each character bc it was apart of them. Honestly I was expecting the ending hit me right the feels and I would cry forever, and yes I got teary eyed especially at the scene with Sehun and Minseok and hyperventilating and that shook me for a whole 5 minutes reading that part. I felt like I was right there with them the entire journey and that's what I greatly appreciated. Granted I'm also biased bc pirates of the Caribbean was a favorite growing up and I had a pirate phase when I was like 8 or 10. WHAT I MEAN TO SAY IS. No matter how biased I may be to this, it will always be so special to me. It was one of those stories that whisked me away into its world and me in. Even in my rut when I refused to read anyTHIng I would think back to this fic and think "ah, I wonder how it ended" and I'm glad that no matter how long it took, I finally got here. I'll miss this adventure, this world and these characters. They were all so precious and perfect that my heart will most likely have a special place for them. I'm telling ya, this fic really left an impression on me. I loved it. Thank you for sharing this us, despite all the changes with you, the world, and everyone, I really really must thank you for pushing on and giving us this. <3
Minty-Pixie #10
Chapter 23: Alright so...I literally read the whole fic in two days (even sacrified sleep and food on the way !)
Pirate!au is one of my fave, and there's way too few of this au in the kaisoo fic world ! I have no idea how I didn't end up reading your fic sooner, but what I do know, is that it will remain engraved into my brain for a long long time (I already know I'll re-read it someday, for sure) !
Thank you for writing this and sharing it with the world ! Every bit of it was perfect (and I'm a really picky reader :P so it says a LOT) !