Miss Korea

You're My Miss Korea
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-Miss Korea-


"You're ing kidding me," Yuri mumbled as she watched Jessica tear the bottom part of her dress off, leaving her in a swim suit of some sort. The tan girl clenched her hands into her fist as her heart beat rapidly, watching her girlfriend on the screen while she was backstage.

"I'm the best girl in the world,"


Yuri's jaw dropped as she watched Jessica sway her body left to right sensually, "She's trying to kill me," she whispered under her breath that was turning rapid. 


Tiffany tapped her shoulder, "Yul, go get changed for the next song," Yuri waved Tiffany away, "Yeah, yeah, I know,"

The older girl peeked at what Yuri was looking at, "Omo, Sica's so y,"


That caused Yuri to shove Tiffany away from the screen as her eyes continued to stay glued onto the small screen, watching the girl shake her bottom and move her hips, "Damn,"

Yuri crossed her legs as a certain feeling went through her. She took a moment to calm herself, closing her eyes. Once she opened her eyes, it was the end of Jessica's performance. Jessica's chest was rising up and down heavily due to the breaths she was taking and Yuri clenched her jaw.


She couldn't wait until they got back to the hotel.




Everyone was laughing and chatting about the performances at the concert. Everyone but Yuri. Jessica glanced at her girlfriend and knew what Yuri was thinking and what she wanted to do. Or what she wanted to do to Jessica, to be more frank.


The van pulled up to the hotel and all the girls filed out in a line and Yuri just so happened to end up behind Jessica. The younger girl reached for Jessica's wrist before rushing to their designated hotel room. Taeyeon glanced at Tiffany and the other girl just smirked, "Jessica's getting some," she said in English.

"Getting some?" Taeyeon repeated in her heavy accent. Tiffany didn't say anything more but she just winked at Taeyeon.


Entering the hotel room, Yuri shut the door and locked it, pinning Jessica to the wall, capturing her lips forcefully. Jessica returned the kiss just as forcefully, pushing her body against Yuri as Yuri took one step closer. The two girl's bodies molded together as the kiss heated up.

Jessica began to rock her body back and forth, doing waves against Yuri. Yuri grasped Jessica's waist, holding her still as she kissed the older girl's jaw line. Jessica's breaths became shorter as Yuri moved down, kissing and on Jessica's soft neck.


The older girl leaned her head against the wall, giving Yuri better access to her neck, "Mm~ Yuri," she ed as Yuri left a love mark on the skin below her.

"Yes, my Miss Korea?" Yuri responded in a husky voice that gave Jessica the chills. Jessica, the confident, cold girl, immediately became submissive due to this girlfriend of hers.

"Bed," Jessica managed to get out through her rugged breaths. "As you wish, Miss Korea," Yuri replied before hitching both of Jessica's legs up and around her waist, walking to the bed as Jessica curled her petite arms around Yuri's neck, kissing her lips.


Yuri laid Jessica down, not once losing contact with her girlfriend's lips. Jessica bucked her hips, wanting more contact with Yuri's body. Yuri leaned out the kiss and placed a hand on Jessica's stomach, stopping the girl from moving. Jessica stared into Yuri's lust filled eyes.

"You have no idea how much you tortured me during your performance, Miss Korea," Yuri said in a low voice. Jessica felt by this side of her girlfriend.

"It's my turn," Yuri whispered before lifting Jessica's shirt over her head and leaning down, kissing right above the girl's mounds. The tan girl continued her attacks of kisses all over Jessica's top body, purposely ignoring one spot.


Jessica closed her eyes at the feel of Yuri's lips on her skin, "Yuri, please," she let out a sigh of pleasure. Yuri reached her hand around Jessica's slim body and the girl arched her back, letting Yuri get rid of the bra easily, tossing it to the side.

"Better, Miss Korea?" Yuri asked as she kissed Jessica's stomach, continuing to tease the girl.

"Yuri, stop the teasing," Jessica let out a small at the back of her throat. Yuri pretended to act confused, "I'm not teasing," she spoke, her warm breath fanning against Jessica's well toned abdomen, "I think I'm kissing the right spots," Yuri smirked, kissing Jessica's outline of her abs.


"You know what I mean," Jessica groaned in frustration, ual frustration. Yuri shook her head, "No, I don't," Jessica got fed up, ", Yuri!" she burst, "I'm going to touch myself if you don't do the deed!" she yelled. Yuri raised her eyebrow at the thought, "Do it,"

Jessica didn't hesitate to play with her own s, Yuri stared in amazement at her girlfriend who was now ing. Yuri wanted to be the cause of that wonderful . She moved Jessica's hands away and on the girl's right while she played with the left.


"Ah, Yuri~" Jessica let out a , pushing her chest out to Yuri more. Yuri's tongue gave a swirl around the and Jessica gasped. Yuri pulled down Jessica's loose sweat pants and rubbed the girl's clothed core. Jessica immediately let out a and Yuri felt herself getting more and more wet due to the sounds her girlfriend was making.

"Miss Korea, what is it that you want?" Yuri asked the now panting girl. Jessica closed her eyes, "I want you, Yuri," she whispered and Yuri perfectly heard it. The tan girl slipped her hands inside the and rubbed the nub of Jessica's core.


Jessica bucked her hips at the touch, wanting more as she opened her eyes, "Mmm~" she ed. Yuri used her free hand to slip the down and off of Jessica's legs, completely exposing the girl. Feeling hot herself, Yuri stripped off of her clothes, leaving both girls .

Yuri stared down at Jessica and kissed her lips roughly, "You're my Miss Korea," Yuri growled under her breath before letting her thumb and index finger pinch Jessica's nub, "Ah!~" Jessica yelped. Yuri pushed against the nub, moving it up and down as Jessica's stomach did all sorts of flips.


The older girl wanted Yuri so bad, "Yuri, me," Yuri easily slipped her finger inside of Jessica's core, "As you wish, Miss Korea," she whispered into Jessica's ear before gently biting her ear lobe. Jessica bucked her hips as Yuri slowly moved her finger in and out of Jessica, "Yuri~" Jessica ed and complained at the same time.

Jessica's mouth was next to Yuri's ear, giving the tan girl perfect front row seats to Jessica Jung's s and sighs. Getting fed up with Yuri's non stop teasing, Jessica moved her hand down and slipped two fingers inside of Yuri unexpectedly. Yuri gasped, "Sica!" she let out a small yell.


"Stop teasing m-" Jessica stopped when Yuri plunged her fingers all the way inside of her, hitting her spot, "Ah!~" the suddent move from Yuri made Jessica's fingers curl inside of Yuri, making both girl's out, into each other's ears. Yuri pumped faster and faster into Jessica while Jessica did the same to Yuri and eventually, both girls reached their peak together.


"Yuri!~" "Sica!~"


The two girls fell onto the bed, covered in each other's juices. Yuri hugged Jessica tightly, kissing her passionately, traces of lust still in there.

Jessica leaned out the kiss, breathing hard. Yuri stared at Jessica.


"You can be my Miss Korea anyday,"


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