Mr. Dentist 2 [sequel of Mr. Dentist]

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Lee Hongbin & You



Hanna and Hongbin enjoy their live like the most couple do enjoy. They spend time together, go out to the cinema, do face time at night and many other things. As a boyfriend, Hongbin is really protective. He can't stand Hanna stay close to a guy except Sanghyuk. Even though Sanghyuk likes Hanna but he doesn't mind if Sanghyuk stays close to Hanna because he knows who is Sanghyuk and he knows that Sanghyuk will never harm Hanna. Everything run smoothly until the worst era of their relationship come and blow their relationship. Will they stand in and stay together after they passed the first obstacle? Or maybe this is the end of their relationship?




> You <

Name : Lee Hanna

Age : 17

A high school student who are not really girly. Quickly adapted to any situation and easy going. Not really interested in school but really love sports (esp. volleyball) and also love music. She do like fangirling but not really shown.


> Mr. Dentist <

Name : Lee Hongbin

Age : 25 (this is not his real ages kkkk~)

He is a smart and handsome dentist, fresh graduated but already admire by many people because of his work and manner. He really easy going and friendly.




This is the sequel of my story Mr. Dentist : . Hope you guys still like the story and enjoy it!

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Hanbyul91 () says about chapter 15:
He should tell after she asks :)

SofiaAde () says about chapter 15:
tell hanna after he knew that hanna changed a bit bcs she's hiding the fact that hanna already knew about celine ^^

spellbeans () says about chapter 15:
tell after hanna ask!!! and i hope that btch wont do anything to ruin their marriage. anw im still confused whether cleo is really hongbin's daughter or?

wolf88_bangtan () says about chapter 15:
Tell whenever just dont let celine break them apart

exoticbaby__angel () says about chapter 15:
whatever it is, Celine must never get Hongbin!

dammit_Lol () says about chapter 15:
He should tell before! :)

And how ironic, my name is Celine.xD

Angie_la13 () says about chapter 15:
Tell her after!!!

Fahtyn () says about chapter 15:
Hongbin tell about Celine before Hanna ask ..

tinkerbrooke () says about chapter 15:
Tell her before

amylia_nut123 () says about chapter 15:
He tell her even she think to ask XD

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