Wife 4 Hire

by afhilangie26
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"I mixed it already," GuiGui said to her Auntie Cristy. Her cousin was having a birthday so she was helping them to prepare the food.

"Now, transfer them to these bowls. Don't make it full, okay?" her auntie said.


GuiGui had been staying in her grandparents house for about three weeks. She went there right after she left Aaron. The original plan was to went straight into the airport and took the first flight back to New York then suddenly she changed her mind.

She knew she won't be back to Taiwan easily so she took the chance to stay with her family for a month.

She felt sad knowing that her due is coming to an end. She wanted to stay longer but she can't. She needed to get back to work and mind her responsibilities once again. After tomorrow, she will arrange for her flight.

GuiGui was done transferring the food to the bowl when her cousin came in.

"GuiGui jie, someone's looking for you outside," he said.

"Who is it?"

"He said he's your husband."

GuiGui gasped for air.

"Husband? Since when you got married?" Her Auntie Cristy asked.

They didn't know about GuiGui and Aaron's situation. The first time they came there, they said they're friends.

"Auntie, it's a long story. I'll explain later."

GuiGui faced her cousin. "Tell him I'm not here."

"But Jie, I told him that you're here."

"Oh, shoot." She bit her lip and think of a good reason. To make matters worse, Auntie Cristy scolded her.

"It will not work like that, GuiGui. Face your husband. The man took time to come here. If you're really husband and wife, you need to talk."

"Yeah. She's right, you know," a familiar voice filled the air.

GuiGui looked at the door automatically. There's Aaron. Oh, how she missed him. Beside him was her grandpa.

"Is it true, GuiGui? He's your husband?" he asked.

"Ha, eh, y-yes." She nodded.

"Aiyoh! These kids! Now go to the living room and talk." Her grandpa pushed them.

"Talk about your problem and I'll be waiting outside for your explanation." Grandpa left.

"What are you d-doing here, Aaron?" GuiGui asked without looking at his eyes.

"I should be the one asking you, right? What the hell are you doing here? More to the point, why did you leave me, GuiGui?"

She felt anger towards his voice. That was the last thing she wanted from him. She looked at him and saw his face. Indeed, he was pissed off at her.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"Well, you should be. You owe me some answers."

"I know."

"Why did you go? Wait, before you answer that, how did you get out of hacienda?"

GuiGui told him the truth. The chopper was busy transferring the visitors from hacienda to Taipei so she waited for it. The pilot didn't noticed her and thought she was one of the visitors. From there, she took a taxi going to the bus station.

"I'll have the pilot fired."

"No, don't. It's not his fault."


"Please, don't."

"You pity him and not me? I went through hell, you know. Why did you leave like that? We're okay, right? Did I do or say something wrong? I've been racking my brains this past few weeks trying to figure out why you left."

"You did nothing wrong. I told you the reasons on my note, right?"

"Right, you said and to quote, 'I miss my old life and my friends in New York.' I'll admit I'm not good in geography but last time I checked this place, this ain't New York. I should know, I just came back from there."

"You went there?"



"I can't believe you just asked me that. You thought I would just let you go easily? That I wouldn't find you? I went there because I thought you were there."


"That's what you told in your letter. So, imagine my surprise when I didn't find you there. Matty told me you weren't home. I asked him where you were, and he told, he knew we're together. I thought he was lying so I waited and I camped right in front of your apartment but I didn't see you. That was when I realized your brother was telling the truth so I flew back here."

GuiGui felt guilty. "I'm sorry."

"I'll accept your sorry if you told me the reason why you left me all of a sudden. And don't go telling me the things you wrote in your note. I won't believe it."

"But what I wrote was the truth. You don't need me anymore. Your mom gave you the money already. Added to that is the fact that you're both okay. So, what's the use of my staying?"

"Try again."

"Please, Aaron, I'm begging you. Just let me be." This was really hard for her.

"I'm sorry I can't now. Now, stop dodging and tell me why you really left."

She sighed. "All right, you win. I left because I heard you and that Trina girl talking about me. I left because of what she said. That's the truth. You'll be embarassed if the people knew what kind of woman you married. I don't want that to happen. That's why I decided to make a clean break."

"Do you think I care what other people say or think? "I don't give a damn!"

"You're just saying that because---"

"The hell I am! I don't care about their opinion. I never have and I never will. I'm not that type of person. If you really heard my conversation with Trina, you should know that. I told her she was just wasting her energy because I really don't give a damn if people found out what you used to do for a living."

"You say you don't care. But I do."

"well, you shouldn't. Look, you had to do what you had to do. You should be proud. You were able to face and overcome adversities. You didn't give up. I know others twice your age would have given the same scenario. That's why I admire you. So, let people talk, let them speculate. They're not important. The most important is you and me, the two of us." He paused then. He lifted her chin and looked straight into her eyes. "Is there a two of us, GuiGui?"

She wanted to say "no" for his sake but her mind says different. "Y-yes. If you can accept what the other people would say about me."

He chuckled. "Aiyoh! I will repeat. I don't care about them. The most important is you and me, the two of us. Got that?"

GuiGui nodded. She realized something then. Why she's been thinking about the others when Aaron accepted her for who she was. That's the most important and nothing else. Oh, how could she have been so stupid?

"Got it," she said.

Happiness filled Aaron's eyes. "Finally. Now give me a kiss. After all, you made me go through leaving the way you did. You owe me a lot of kiss."

So, kiss him she did.



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Aw. Such a lovely story! I love it.

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Funny story. Cool and cute too!

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This story was so cute. I'll be glad to re-read it again!

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awww cute story

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Aww....this story is one of the best ones I've read so far!! =)

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ive been moved by this story, some people so lucky to find what they want, thank you!

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I really like it ...It is so cute...

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omfg i love this one !

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