A ____________ Family (Fill in the blank for your own title)


Living a wonderful and happy family life. Kim---oops! Bang Himchan can’t be any happier than this. Happy…Yes, it’s a happy family…Yes, happy family…or actually more like a family full of nonsense and craziness. So, just a typical family life.


This will be a chapter drabble for Bang’s family. Each chapter are different but, I'll tell you if it's the continuation of the previous chapter.


Consist of title that based on English Language [5 wives 1 husband]…understand right?


[5 wived 1 husband means]

  • Who, What, Which, When, Where [5 wives]
  • How [1 husband]

​I'm sorry for the confusion~~~


Bang Yongguk and Kim Himchan are married and got two beautiful sons. Bang Daehyun and Bang Junhong. So, this is just a story about them.


About this story title, I didn't seem to find a suitable title and then it ends up with that...Just fill in the blank with your own words...


Actually this is just a whole universe and I got this idea to write this family story from


  1. My Banghim story...You know that one... ~(*_*)~
  2. Because I thought it's fun to adapt what happen in real life of my cousin and niece to this story
  3. I have 2 little brothers and they inspired me to write about this because Daehyun and Junhong behavior in this story you know, I got that from my 2 little brothers... *shook head* Except for Daehyun, that just a plus point for this story *smile with sparkling star* Banghim action in this story also a plus point...hahaha *it's tough to laugh like a villian* 
  4. It's obvious I'm bored hahahaha!



REMINDER!!! This is not sequel from my Banghim story...This is just their everyday life but, actually that story inspire me...Oh well...


And I'm working on this story...


*sigh* Maybe this will be my last fic on AFF. So.......................................................~(-_-~) Yo!

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Kikiaaa94 #1
Chapter 12: Aaaaaah the ending just? Aaaah sequel peuhlise. I want to know when himchan craving and taking care his pregancy. I do want to know how uncle leo taught Junong and prevent yongguk to touch himchan, it must be funny.
But, thank you so much to write beautiful-funny story. It was amazing story, so hard to find story with the same genre T.T FIGHTING!!!
Kikiaaa94 #2
Chapter 11: And my question in last chapter was answered in this chapter, no children like Himchan, he just "mediator" to give birth the children, oops, JK JK XD
Kikiaaa94 #3
Chapter 10: Wise man say, only fool rush in, but i cant help falling in love with him, it might yongguk felt when he propose himchan. So daehyun is copying of Yongguk, and Junong is copying of Himchan? Or both?
Kikiaaa94 #4
Chapter 8: Huaahahahahah LMAO JINJJA. Himchan the queen, spatula is sword? Yongguk is sleepy head dragon, and junong is the director XD watching the brothers like junong is older bro and daehyun the little one, that bcs daehyun too babbo XD
Kikiaaa94 #5
Chapter 7: Daehyun is always seeking attention from his parent. When Yongguk always came to Himchan caffee and ask him to serve the children make me laugh hahaha
Kikiaaa94 #6
Chapter 6: Hahahaha why this fanfiction always make me laugh so hard in the end?? Its soo funny haha. Naughty Daehyun get his reverenge back
Kikiaaa94 #7
Chapter 5: Muahahahahahaha Daddys scaring me too LAWL XD
BUT, WAIT were they making love when the boys awake. OMAYGOD i hope they have anothe baby hahaha
Kikiaaa94 #8
Kikiaaa94 #9
Chapter 3: Hahahahahahaha, baby junongi wkwkwk aigooooooo cant help but laugh XD