Being That



You're the girl who no one notices.  The girl who shyly hides behind the lens of a camera, hoping to capture the world without it noticing.  The girl who sees.  The wallflower.
Krystal Jung is the known queenka.  The princess who's hiding a secret she's terrified of letting be known. The girl who is in process of tearing herself down mentally.  The pained onlooker.
You and her.
Two different lives.
Two different stories.
But when Krystal's secret is viciously exposed, you're somehow drawn together.
And maybe, just maybe, you can help piece each other back together.

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juneharada 0 points #1
Chapter 5: This is raw, beautiful!
Congratulations on getting featured!
Chapter 5: istg this is probably one of the best gxg fic i've read in a while omg it's so hard to find a proper gxg fic with an oc aw man and your writing is amazing :')

also krystal's role is so good omg and the oc too damn this's got such deep feels to it , i love it!
drycleanonly #4
Chapter 5: Wow. I love your writing style author and bam! Idk but I really, really find your story so good. Hopefully, we'll get another update soon. This is seriously good
Chapter 5: Update juseyooo... It's really good story
Thankyou authorimm and congrats on getting featured!!!
good job!!
Chapter 5: This is good;)
Icedeer227 #9
Please update soon and congrats on the feature
[deactivated] #10
Congratulations ^^