Sometimes they just lie back on the porch during summer nights, their feet dangling and look up at the sky. Sometimes Sehun counts the stars, sometimes he tells Jongin about his dreams. Jongin only smiles and wonders just how perfect can Sehun get.

Sometimes during the long winter nights when the whole apartment is freezing and Sehun’s blankets are not enough to warm him up, he climbs in Jongin’s bed and nudges him until he wakes up to yawn a “What?” while turning around. Sehun says nothing; only wraps his arms around him and waits for Jongin to mirror the act and falls asleep in the familiar warmth and everything feels right.

Sometimes Sehun will come up with excuses to avoid taking the city bus and whine until Jongin will give up and go pick him up from his classes with a heavy sigh, but once he will see Sehun with the breathtaking smile, he’ll feel his heart skip a beat and think it’s okay. It doesn’t matter if he has to wait in traffic for hours. Nothing matters if he has Sehun sitting next to him.

Sometimes when it’s raining outside and Sehun is feeling extra excited, he will jump in Jongin’s room to see him absorbed in whatever is displayed on his laptop screen and poke him for his attention. Eventually, Jongin will turn his head slightly to mutter a “What?” and Sehun will pull at his sleeves. He can then say “I’m busy, stop bothering,” as much as he likes, but Sehun will not give up. He never gives up, Jongin has leant that over the years, so he shuts up, lets Sehun drag him outside.

He will scowl, feeling the cold rain biting on his skin, but then he will see Sehun closing his eyes and breathing in the scent of musky air and mud and he’ll momentarily find himself forgetting how to breathe. He will watch Sehun mesmerized as he will dance around the backyard, his body moving in fluid movements and Jongin will capture the moments, taking in as much as he can and storing them somewhere in his mind where all his precious memories are kept. They are all probably involving Sehun, but Jongin doesn’t mind, because it’s Sehun and everything is okay when it’s Sehun.

It’s not always Sehun who makes the first move, though; Jongin plays his part right when it’s time.

Sometimes when they are pissed drunk and trying to head back home, walking (since there’s no way someone will let Jongin behind the wheels in this state), Jongin will start singing happy love songs out loud and scream how much he loves Sehun and Sehun will just giggle and tell him to calm down and say, “It’s okay; I love you, too, but you should stop being so embarrassing now.” But Jongin will pretend to be too drunk to hear and keep on shouting ‘I love you’ until Sehun will decide to shut him up with a kiss.

Sometimes when it’s very late at night and Sehun is struggling to finish all his papers for the next day because he has been procrastinating all week instead of listening to his roommate’s advices, Jongin will walk behind him, push Sehun off his chair and pull him in bed. Sehun will protest that he’s ing dead tomorrow and he’ll fail this semester, but Jongin will press their lips together in a long, lingering kiss and Sehun will melt and let himself drift off to sleep, and when this happens, Jongin gets off bed with tired eyes and opens Sehun’s laptop to complete his unfinished assignment.

Sometimes when it’s very late in the afternoon, they will go take a walk outside by the river. Sehun will take Jongin’s hands in his and intertwine their fingers together and when Jongin will look up from their linked hands to his eyes, he’ll grin like a child. Jongin will only smile and wonder just how perfect can Sehun get.


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lulubutt #1
Chapter 1: Hehdjdhdhdhd it was so kawaii
ohsehunnie123 #2
Chapter 1: shooo cute!!!
dwiananing #3
i love this, its simple but full of love lol
9serenade8 #4
Chapter 1: freakin fluffy. i got cavities <3
misanthropic #5
Chapter 1: omg it is so sweet. <3
sekai is purfect.
redadriella #6
Chapter 1: Very lovely, its so sweeeeeeetttt. Kaihun da best, kai u lovely piece of , i love youuu -♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Chapter 1: aishhhhhhhhhhhh...this is perfect~~!!!
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Chapter 1: So sweet ! <3
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Chapter 1: ; u ; jongin is so nice. I WISH I HAD SOMEONE TO FINISH MY ESSAYS. this was all very cute.