Problems? Taeyeon had that. What kind of problems? Even she wasn't sure. All she knew was that her life was taking a turn for it's worse as one by one, the people she loved left her. It came to a point where eventually, Taeyeon was used to the pain. She was accustomed to the fact that whenever she starts to care about someone, that person would leave her.


She started not to give a anymore. She built walls around herself to prevent anyone from getting to her heart again. That was just the way Kim Taeyeon worked.




InfinityPenguins | 131119

A Girl x Girl Romantic Drama

Any story like mine is a conincidence.

"Taeyeon would rather be a locked diary than an open book. At least then she would know that the only person who could read her was the person with the key to her lock.

If only Taeyeon knew that the key holder wasn't that far from her."

"She'd much rather be a complicated math problem than an easy one because then, at least, only the person who knows the answer to the problem will be able to solve it."

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Ciel28 #1
Chapter 27: Such a nice story! I love the angsty parts! (because I know that they'll eventually be together). Just fix minor grammatical errors (^-^)/
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Damn this was good
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