Where the Daisies Grow

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Upon his grandmother's death, Luhan moves to her isolated cottage in the countryside. It is there that he befriends the mischievous wind spirit of the valley and falls in love with him.


© ​RuinedReverie - Do not copy, repost, or reproduce without permission from the author. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblence to actual people or places is purely coincidental.


Shout out to Sohbet for grading this and putting up with the tears that followed. XOXO




Hunhan / 16k / PG / romantic fantasy

“Do I have to spell it out for you? I – that’s me – am a wind spirit.  And that – the shrine – is mine. And you – a human – should offer more than just a few measly pieces of pitiful looking fruit.”



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i cried hard at the end of this story.. Great job, author! This story is so beautiful.
Chapter 2: That was beautiful
cuteicycream96 #3
Chapter 2: i cried . this is amazing
quicksilvver #4
Chapter 2: this story pulled at my heart in ways i can't explain. it triggered emotions so deep i can't find the words. i'm just so happy sehun and luhan found love. thank you for this masterpiece.
Hands Down... I really love your stories... you're really something, author-nim ;)
Fangirl2016 #6
Chapter 2: Wow..this is amazing..
Star-sugar #7
Chapter 2: This is really a good fic ... makes my heart wrench and smile with their turn of events.. thanks for the happy ending
NenaUnnie #8
Chapter 2: This was beautiful! So sweet, yet sad. Loved it. Thank you for writing this.
Chapter 2: OMG this is one of the most beautiful ffs ever made!!! So sweet and so perfect.
bubblesehunluhandeer #10
Chapter 2: These whole scenes vividly appear in my mind from the start till the amazing end. Really fantastic! Splendid, enormously beautiful work!