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Eunhyuk lived a nearly perfect life – until one short moment of carelessness destroyed it. A kiss, just as long as a heartbeat published on the internet had made his world slowly crumbling down.

At first he thought that two years of separation couldn’t change what he and Donghae shared, but he was wrong.

After coming back he had to realize that everything had changed and that they had to hide what they felt from the eyes of everybody. But what he didn’t know was that Donghae was hiding something horrible; something that made all his other problems turn to dust.






Title: Euphoria

Pairing: Eunhae

Genre: Angst, non-AU

Length: 33 Chapters

Disclaimer: I only own the plot.

WARNINGS: There will be drug usage, mentions of violence, blood, ual situations during later chapters and of course a lot of angst.
Rated chapters are rated are for a reason!


English is not my first language!



This story is part of a trilogy!

Part 1: Courage

Part 2: Euphoria

Part 3: Joy



It just had been a photo. Nothing more than a simple photo had brought them in this situation and he cursed himself that they – that he – hadn’t been more careful. This whole time, year after year, they had been able to hide it and just one careless moment had destroyed it all. Now he felt like he was a dangerous criminal during the pronouncement of judgment; the night before had been the inquisition.

"Lee Donghae and Lee Hyukjae will start to do their military service this very day. They will be stationed in different cities and promise to better their behavior", their manager announced strictly and the cameras clicked vigorously.

HOLY I GOT FEATURED?!?! Omgggg... Thank you all for upvoting and reading this! What to do.... T_T Don't know what to say, I just love you all ♥

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Chapter 36: So it ended. The feeling I feel right now cannot be described properly but I try my best: Reading Courage and Euphoria I felt like I was part of their journey of finding out themselves and what love really is. Every sentence of yours was breathing! I could feel the anger if you wanted me to, I could feel the love if you made me to feel it. I laughed and cryed with the characters and it was like an emotional roller-coaster. I'm sure a lot of people has already said this but you should seriously write a book! Even this fanfiction (which expression is somehow too low for this MASTERPIECE) I would give money to read it and read it again. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for writing and making this story public.( It must have been a lot of work!) Thank you!!
TheLazyRebel #2
Chapter 20: T_T it’s too beautiful. Honestly, I think this triology is the best series I’ve read in a long time. Although now I feel like suing SM right now, you (the author) have perfectly written a story with the right amount of everything. Keep up the good work!! :)
TheLazyRebel #3
thecheesygirl #4
Chapter 20: I literally broke down into a crying mess after Donghae's reply: "I think I've fallen in love" like that moment was soo perfectly written!
I never cry from reading stories.. like never.. but this! Wow! I wish I could tell you what I felt that moment, but my vocabulary is too weak. You're absolutely amazing and this story should become a book, cause I know I would pay for it without a single hesitation.
I'm still not finished reading, so wish me luck.. and hopefully no more crying outbursts
TheLazyRebel #5
Chapter 12: Slowing crying more and more each chapter, it’s so well written I can’t help but cry!
thecheesygirl #6
Chapter 3: Slow heartbeat, constant laughing, nervous scratching... Don't tell me my baby has turned into an addict!
Congrats on getting featured!
Chapter 36: I have got no words since I'm pretty speechless at the moment. Thank you so much for writing this! I am just so happy for them that everything turned out ok. Gosh the rollercoaster of emotions from this. Thank you so much
silverbluesea #9
re-read this in 2018 with my own acc and still overwhelmed with feelings! i'm so thankful that irl our eunhae did well in their military service and came back safely and healthy. thank you for sharing your story. wish you goodness and happiness in this new year, dear author :)
Chapter 20: eunhaeeeeee <3