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Eunhyuk lived a nearly perfect life – until one short moment of carelessness destroyed it. A kiss, just as long as a heartbeat published on the internet had made his world slowly crumbling down.

At first he thought that two years of separation couldn’t change what he and Donghae shared, but he was wrong.

After coming back he had to realize that everything had changed and that they had to hide what they felt from the eyes of everybody. But what he didn’t know was that Donghae was hiding something horrible; something that made all his other problems turn to dust.






Title: Euphoria

Pairing: Eunhae

Genre: Angst, non-AU

Length: 33 Chapters

Disclaimer: I only own the plot.

WARNINGS: There will be drug usage, mentions of violence, blood, ual situations during later chapters and of course a lot of angst.
Rated chapters are rated are for a reason!


English is not my first language!



This story is part of a trilogy!

Part 1: Courage

Part 2: Euphoria

Part 3: Joy



It just had been a photo. Nothing more than a simple photo had brought them in this situation and he cursed himself that they – that he – hadn’t been more careful. This whole time, year after year, they had been able to hide it and just one careless moment had destroyed it all. Now he felt like he was a dangerous criminal during the pronouncement of judgment; the night before had been the inquisition.

"Lee Donghae and Lee Hyukjae will start to do their military service this very day. They will be stationed in different cities and promise to better their behavior", their manager announced strictly and the cameras clicked vigorously.

HOLY I GOT FEATURED?!?! Omgggg... Thank you all for upvoting and reading this! What to do.... T_T Don't know what to say, I just love you all ♥

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27 streak #1
Chapter 36: The ending and its epilogue was just PERFECT. Idk what else to say except that's the best Eunhae angst ending I've ever read. Cause that kiss in the dark and its their love that is their secret in the dark was just so perfect. I cried in some chapter in the prequel and shed some and feel all the anger helplessness of the character that you share there; I felt it all along.

Truly a masterpiece. ^^

Ps: Altho in the chapter where Eunhyuk said it's all over in the trial on that Sung Hoon, I kinda feel it also might be possible for another dramatic angst again like he escape somehow and was planning to destroy our Eunhae couple again. Lol. Hahaha.
But tbh this ending is just perfect.
27 streak #2
Chapter 31: Almost trial!
27 streak #3
Chapter 29: Yesung is so cool. I love that some of my fav members in SJ got a crucial role. Like Teukie hyung with his suspicion and insistance on the drugs, Heechul in prev series that supported Donghae and push Hyukjae to act, then Yesung with THIS. Omg. I just love it!! >×<♡
27 streak #4
Chapter 22: awwwwwww. Love how even Hangeng comes back there. I was actually hoping to see more Hanchul. Love em like to Eunhae.
Chapter 36: How am I supposed to live after this????? Two days! JUST. TWO. DAYS. after reading Courage and now I've already finished Euphoria as well and I feel so dumb bc I'm crying my eyes out and I can't stop it. Even your final author's note made me cry more hahaha this was just... Idk how to describe it, but I'm in love with this as much as with Courage.

I'm just so full of so many feelings and this is overwhelming! It's probably just the Super-Junior-is-back effect xD But seriously, you have changed my life. Being really honest, I've never been a huge fan of angst bc I'm a crybaby and I suffer a lot, Idk why! Maybe I just like to be dramatic haha but I still managed to read this and I don't regret it at all!

Again, congratulations for being featured and thank you so, so much for writing this! <3
Chapter 1: ????
Chapter 1: ????
Chapter 1: Wow super junior fanfic
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grats on the ft~
Katykim309 #10
Grats on ft sub