We Got Married: ChangYoon Edition


"We Got Married" is a popular reality South Korean variety show now on it's 4th season! With the exit of one of the beloved couples - the "WooJung" (Lee Jang Woo & Ham Eun Jung of T-ARA) couple - in the last season, WGM opens it's doors to another famous idol couple from two powerful and distinctive groups!

Everyone! Are you curious yet?ㄱㄱㄱ
Here's a clue!

If WGM were to put someone with 'power'
together with 'the ideal' of the nation...
Will love blossom?

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"Oh! Op-Sunbae! What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for a show. I'm waiting for the other person to sho--Wait, what are you doing here?"

"I'm doing a show too. It's-- Oh !"

"Woah! Language, hoobae!!! I don't think I've ever heard you swear before, Yoona."

"That is not the point right now, Changmin-sunbae! You're doing 'We Got Married', aren't you?!"

"W-what? No, I'm n-- Wait! How do you-- don't tell me..."


[beep - You have a message!]

Meet your wife.

Meet your husband.

Welcome to "We Got Married"!


Were you surprised to find out that you were going to get married?

Changmin: I was, actually. I didn't think my management would let me get on this show, but I guess that just goes to show what I know, right? I'm not entirely sure how this will work but... [thinks] well, I do have to admit. I didn't see this coming - me being paired to So Nyeo Shi Dae's Yoona.

Yoona: To be honest... I wasn't all that surprised when I got the call from the show, because Taeyeon-unnie had already gone and Seohyun too - but I am shocked to find out who the producers chose for me. [bites lip] Do you think it'll work? I mean... to be the "wife" of Dong Bang Shin Ki is a little scary.

* * * *


* * * *

Author's Notes: This fic was started and planned on a moment of whimsy, extreme frustration and boredom. The aim of this fanfic is to gain support for the couple, I suppose (and for the other couples that might pop up here *hints*)... I am not entirely sure how this will go or end, but it's sure to be... quite an entertaining fic to write.

Dedicated to: Yuri (capitol), Loiky (@BYUNNJAE), Nemo (OnceUponATaem) and Kat (katdiva). I hope this entertains you girls ♥

Disclaimer: Story and graphics by aoza/nikatsu 2011. All rights (unless stated other wise) reserved. Distribution of the fanfic in any kind of way is prohibited without the written consent of the author, aoza(Nikka). The following is a work of fiction. I do not lay claim on the "We Got Married" reality program's format, MBC Korea or the people involved in it's production. The events are fictional and the celebrity names and all images shown here were merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrity is in real life or how the show actually goes. No offence is intended towards the people involved, their families or friends.

면책 조항: aoza/nikatsu 2011 년까지 스토리와 그래픽. 모든 권리는 (명시하지 않는 한 다른 현명한) 소유. 어떤 방법으로 fanfic 배포 저자, aoza (Nikka)의 서면 동의없이 금지되어 있습니다. 다음은 소설 작품이다. 나는에있는 리얼리티 프로그램의 형식, MBC 한국 또는 생산에 관련된 사람들을 "우리 결혼했어요"주장하다하지. 이벤트 허구이며, 여기에 표시된 유명 인사의 이름과 모든 이미지는 단순히 빌린되었으며 연예인 실제 생활이나 방법을 보여 실제로 간다 누구 대변하지 않습니다. 기분 나쁘게 관련된 사람들은 가족 또는 친구 향한 의도하지 않습니다.


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emptyminded #2
Chapter 12: I read it a second time and wish this really happens. For the to be on WGM together. But i know it wont happen... Please update more often.. Its a really good fanfiction
afiqahalya #3
Chapter 12: This is a great story you know i reread it many time i hop3 you update soon cause i cant wait to read the next part how come jaejong there with yunhk and otehrs ??? Wohooo
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Please update
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Chapter 12: OMG PLEASE UPDATE!!!
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Chapter 12: Update plzz heheh best author !!
Chapter 12: I love the unexpectedness in your story! This has got to be one of my favorite WGM stories!
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Chapter 12: THIS is PERFECT. JJ & Min coexisting in reality.. My beautiful soulfighters. *SOBS* #Toomuchfeels T.T
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Wow i'm so lame it took me so long to actually read this. and omg spazzing this is SO GOOD nikka like ajsdlkasjdklas ;A; i cannot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(totally irrelevant p/s: hey, you created this story on my birthday 2 years ago!!!)