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We Got Married: ChangYoon Edition


"We Got Married" is a popular reality South Korean variety show now on it's 4th season! With the exit of one of the beloved couples - the "WooJung" (Lee Jang Woo &...

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"Oh! Op-Sunbae! What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for a show. I'm waiting for the other person to sho--Wait, what are you doing here?"

"I'm doing a show too. It's-- Oh !"

"Woah! Language, hoobae!!! I don't think I've ever heard you swear before, Yoona."

"That is not the point right now, Changmin-sunbae! You're doing 'We Got Married', aren't you?!"

"W-what? No, I'm n-- Wait! How do you-- don't tell me..."


[beep - You have a message!]

Meet your wife.

Meet your husband.

Welcome to "We Got Married"!<...

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bhumilovesusd #1
Update soon please thanks you
justastupidhuman #2
Chapter 13: To second MC#2, WHY DOES IT ALWAYS CUT OFF SO SOON!?!

Hahahaha hope you update soon! Loving the progress with ChangYoon :)
Twintrooper88 #3
Chapter 13: Kyaaaa~
THEY'RE SO CUTE TOGETHER. I used to always ship YoonA with Yuri but now I'm totally shipping her with Changmin now. Author-ssi, please update soon!!
Chocoberries #4
Va_asianloverz #5
Chapter 1: please update soon
gggoodbye #6
Chapter 13: Waahhh so sweet
I love it <3 changmin and yoonA
Please update soon Author-nim, 'cause i really like this story
exoyoong08 #7
Chap 14: pls update soon.. I was so excited for a minute but the it wasn't an update
afiqahalya #8
Chapter 13: Author seriously i already read this story many time but it never fail me hahahah goshhh yoona kiss him aww okay okay i know it just a peck at changmin lips but it consider as a kiss right heehhe goshh author update plzzz really want to know more about them n more cute n sweet changyoon plzz hehehe thank you
wufaaaan #9
Chapter 13: Oh my god. It's just so cute. I miss this so much
Jerzy198 #10
Chapter 13: So cute!♥ Update soon please!≧﹏≦