Vampire and the Gangster??

by Tequila
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Min Hee (OC), L.Joe. Teen Top and many others.


Kim Min Hee 
Age: 16
Pretty. She can fight and can be fiesty as times. She has a bad temper but can keep her emotions very well. Never had a boyfriend and has a cold heart. Has cold and mysterious eyes that sends shivers to people's spines, which is why people in school ignores her and names her 'freak' and never had a friend. She's a vampire with royal blood with special powers. Next in line to be crowned 'Princess' of her world. She never told anyone this big secret of hers as it would pose great danger to her (which will be revealed why later in the story).


L.Joe (aka Lee Byunghun) 
Age: 16 
Handsome. Rebellious kingka of TOP High. In a gang called Teen Top. Nobody knows hiis real name, except his members. Cold on the outside but has a really warm heart on the inside. Due to his cold exterior and gangster title, people are afraid to mess with him but he still has a swarm of fangirls everyday, but never has he acknowledged their presence. 


Teen Top 
Most feared gang in Seoul. They attend TOP High. Consist of C.A.P. (leader), Chunji, Niel, Ricky, Changjo and L.Joe. 


..... more characters to be revealed during the story



Her ice cold eyes that sends shiver down your spine
Her ice cold eyes that holds many secrets. 
Her ice cold eyes that will be melted by..... 


She's not your typical high school girl. She's the 'freak' of the school. Yes, she is Kang Min Hee. 
What if one day, Min Hee transfers to a new school. 
Will her life change? 
Will she stay the same? 
What if, she encounters love





A/N: Pictures credits to owners, they do not belong to me. Do anticipate and support, enjoy (: 

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Kelly_jelly () says about chapter 1:
Omg!!!pls update soon!!i really want to read what happens next XD

Agent007 () says:
please update soon it sounds intresting ^^~~!!

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