hit, hit, hit, pull.

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Yixing finds herself enjoying cheerleading, but when she's thrown in the air with little expirience in a stunt group that is less than helpful, she's also thrown for a loop. It doesn't help that Luhan keeps getting frustrated with her, possibly for more reasons than her dorito scorpion. 


hi yes this is femslash exo cheerleading au bc oh my god im combining my two favourite things hell yeah??


also there will be some terms that those who aren't cheerleaders may not be familiar with so i'll try to be as descriptive about stunts as possible ohmgmhs


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gypsyqueen #1
Chapter 1: So beautiful
smoothpillowz #2
Chapter 1: so damn hot
UKISSKissMe1313 #3
Chapter 1: OH MY GOODNESS This was wonderful!!! <3 <3
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 1: this was a beautiful piece of work
Kironstree #5
Chapter 1: Please please write more layhan femslash!
MilkSpaz #6
Chapter 1: Omg I can't
I'm just as speechless as luhan
(I sat here for a long time wondering what to comment)

I really like the sekai xD they are devils, seriously.

I like Lay~ this Lay is cool xD
gonexx #7
Chapter 1: OMG honestly, i want more ;;; This was so good ive been re-reading it for, i dont know, 6 times? no i think more than that..
Can i have a sequel to this :') or maybe you should right a sekai spin off! haha love ya
bby_tigz #8
Chapter 1: shytt, this was awesome
even as grls luhan can't resist xing ;)
thx authornim! ^^
kpopmaniac01 #9
Chapter 1: This was hot! My first time reading genderbend layhan and I totally enjoyed it!
baebyeol #10
Chapter 1: I just had to reread it and is it possible to go down on my knees and beg for a sequel