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The not so innocent maknae of SHINee has quite a problem when it comes to his raging hormones - and what better way to deal with that than by taking advantage of his hyungs' undying love for him?


I let my eyes wander across the room. They were all gathered there, my hyungs, on the couch. I didn't really pay attention to whatever they were watching. Instead I paid attention to them. I wondered how I should go about this. They all loved me, obviously. Key was pretty, Jonghyun was handsome, Minho was gentle and Onew... well, let's just say I was curious about that 'dubulge' everyone had been talking about. I bit my lip. Yeah, they definitely all had their traits. I wanted to have with all of them and I was going to. What Taemin wants, Taemin gets. My biggest problem was... who should I pick? Who should I have with first? Technically the one to go first would be the one to take my ity, so I could ask myself in a different way: who did I want to take my ity? I sighed heavily. Eeny, meeny, miney, moe... I began reciting the rhyme to myself while I pointed to a different person with each word. They all appeared indifferent to my choosing process. Eeny, meeny, miney...
"What are you doing?" Minho asked as he turned his head to look at me.
"Moe," I whispered and smiled to myself.


A/N: yeah, this idea has probably been used before, but whatever. :3 rated h for language and... yeah, you know... tt. enjoy~!


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milkyboy_khun #1
Chapter 26: I'm still praying to God that my eyes have deceived me ...
Taeminnie ... Heechul is from Super Junior ... Right?
I don't want an evil taemin. I prefer a cute, naive, innocent Taemin ... But I will settle with this.
I love this but I skipped like 15 chappies
<3 love this!
LaurelYoonie #2
Chapter 26: At first I was like, what am I reading?, but then I was like, OMFG, I love you authornim. Sadly, I got scolded in my dorm, but thank you, they didn't take my phone.(hehehe)
Emilyexoandbtsfan #3
I love this fanfic so much
... Love love love Taekey here
JjongIsMyBias #4
Chapter 7: Lol Jjong!!! It would take him to not beat around the bush.
springclover802 #5
This was my first fanfiction. Thank you. It was amazing!
Raven_Hatter #6
im done I like how he used that to choose