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Those times...

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EXOticINSPIRIT127 () says about chapter 91:
"D.O is secretly a GIRAFFE." When I read that I asked myself... "Aren't giraffes tall?" HAHA Anyways I love your cute gifs of exo

AnyaKeo () says about chapter 59:
What episode is that like Suho punish Chen?

Karen19 () says about chapter 109:
I really enjoyed all the gifs
Thank you :D

wolf_wonderland () says about chapter 109:
It was great!!! Thanks for all this gifs ^^

dreedle () says about chapter 109:
thanks for these. they were quite entertaining :)

dreedle () says about chapter 108:
I agree that it's terrible for people to laugh at kris with malice but not everyone's like that. I didn't laugh but i thought it was really cute that Kris cried. I guess you could say I chuckled a little(after all there's not many men who would cry in public let alone on tv!) In this respect, me an kris are one in the same. To me personally it's not a big deal.

also, i'm guessing not everyone who enjoys the lives of exo know about kris's parental situation.

winter_love () says about chapter 108:
kris doesn't have a father??? really? pity him!!! I'm sooo stupid for not knowing!!

DeziLove () says about chapter 109:
Happy New Year!!! Hope you come out with another onee! Loved it until the end! <3

VIEIRA () says about chapter 109:
loved it until the last one

i hope you creat a new one soon..´



smilebear24 () says about chapter 107:
where is it from? what stage or concert was it? and song? please tell me. Thanks! :)

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