We Can Do This, Together


Sunggyu and Woohyun have been together for some time now. Woohyun is in his fourth year of high school and Sunggyu is a sophmore in college as he studies to fulfill his dream as a pediatrician, due to his love of children. The two have a bond that can't be broken and is only strengthened as they recieve news of something that will change their lives as they progress into adulthood. They struggle through an unplanned pregnancy, but they make it through just as tough. 


Pairings: GyuWoo (WooGyu) as the main




Warning: This story does contain MPreg, so don't read if you don't like


~Not actually used in story, but is a prompt~


"Why must you pester me?" Woohyun asked, irritation deep and evident in his tone of voice as Sunggyu continued to fuss around his younger boyfriend. He wouldn't stop fixing his tie or touching up his already styled bangs. He swatted him away and turned to look him in the eyes, demanding an answer.

Sunggyu stuck his bottom lip out in a pout as he explained, "Because it is your graduation day and this is important. You went through seven months of school pregnant and you deserve to look your best," he stated so matter-of-factedly. 

Woohyun rolled his eyes and said, "I will have more school, you know. There is always college," he was only a senior in high school, he still had many more years of studying and tests ahead of him to do, not even close to being finished with his school years. 

Sunggyu huffed and he said, "Yeah, but that won't happen for another year. You have to stay home and care for our child," he reached down and patted the side of Woohyun's swollen abdomen, feeling the baby squirm as he did so. 

Woohyun giggled to himself and wrapped his hands around his round stomach that housed his and Sunggyu's child. He was currently seven months pregnant and his due date was not for another two months. He couldn't wait for the day that he could hold his and Sunggyu's baby, play with him or her as they grew up and progressed. 

"Yeah, I guess," Woohyun said as he felt a kick from their baby inside, "But, we'll have our baby to raise."

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Chapter 34: I'm so happy that Sunggyu finally proposed to Woohyun!!! You are the best Author-nim!!!!
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Chapter 34: its about time sunggyu!now please be happy always!
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Chapter 34: Finally sunggyu,you proposed...um happy for both of them
Chapter 17: I was really loving this story, right up until the moment that comes across to me as you making Sunggyu act like a jerk with the main purpose of praising this other group you suddenly brought in. Since I can't really enjoy it anymore, I think I'll stop here. Thank you for the wonderful story so far, you're a great writer.
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Chapter 33: Woogyu plz get married too...
The vows were wonderful..I loved this chapter
Chapter 33: congratulations for the yadong couple! be happy always you guys! and next,maybe for woogyu couple?
Chapter 33: Awwww..thats so cute.. nado, i cant for GyuWoo to get married. And cant wait to baby to go outide world ???☺
Chapter 32: Awww, i really thout that you will never updated your fic. I was just when i tried to search new gyuwoo fic and it pop up again. I dont know what happen why i didnt get the new updates...

But everything was great hope you can update more i miss this fix and i cant wait for the baby to comeout.

Thank you authornim.
Chapter 32: Thanks for the update :) I love this update >.<
Chapter 32: It's my graduation too. Congrats both of us XD
And thank you for this lovely update~