After 12 years of marriage, Chanyeol and Baekhyun finally decided to call it quits. They agree to part civilly for the sake of their children, Jongin and Sehun, but it doesn’t make things any less bitter for all of them. Through the never ending battle of custody and the constant fight to emerge the “winner” of the marriage, the Park family finds themselves caught in the push and pull of it all. The twists and turns of unfortunate events threatens to seize every little bit of sanity left in their lives as they struggle to pick up the pieces left behind.








Chanyeol to Baekhyun was passionate kisses, burning touches and on the couch.


He was reminiscent of warm coffee, late night cuddling and morning I Love Yous.


Chanyeol to Baekhyun was home. 





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chipmae #1
Chapter 21: Wait... Freeze moment... Chanyeol being cool w baek yadayada.. And chanyeols still um dating jongdae? Isnt jongdae gg to flip like a pancake when he finds out? ://// and that mrs do thing hshsvsvdv
chipmae #2
Chapter 3: ....jongdae ur one of my biases please no dont make me hate u STAY IN UR LANE GET XIUMIN GODDAMIT
Chanbaek3003 #4
Chapter 23: I love this story with all my heart and soul! Please come back authornim T_T
We need an update!!!
traciethediva #5
I would like to say thank you for writing these through out these years. I love how raw and realistic you represent a divorce and that no matter how amicable it won't ever be easy. I love the depth of Baekhyun's character and I'm hoping you can give him closure. I'm saying this not just for us who have invested in the Park family's future, but also justice to Baekhyun. I don't regret ever starting a non completed ff.
Korowme #6
I'm still crying ㅠㅠ pls come back
teamminseok #7
Iyesss #8
Chapter 23: Omggg idk why but I hate Chanyeol so much in this story!!! And kinda upset why our precious Baekhyun hurts so much he didn't deserve it at all.. I'm crying almost every chapter, it's near 4AM and I am writing this w/ red swolen eyes hoping that won't be late tomorrow for work at 8AM, please dear author save me from anymore misery and make Baekhyun whole and happy again soon, he deseves it, we all readers needs it!!
Hollafloqa #9
Chapter 23: I'm glad that baekhyun is putting himself first
Hollafloqa #10
Chapter 7: I'm crying Baekhyun deserves so much better it just makes me so angry that society condemns these people when it is our society itself that forces young struggling parents to do these things