Graphic Generation♥{Closed for good}

To all the editors this is an important notice. I know everybody is very busy in their lives and I understand that, that's why you could tell me If you want to be unavailable for a bit. But If you go on hiatus, without giving me any notice or valid reasons. 

You will be given with a penalty, and the penalty is to temporarily not receive any requests until you finally explain yourself and that will be the time to you'll be able to be activated again. And If in a month or so..still now explanation. Then I have no choice but to permanently to be removed from the team u__u It's not for me, it's for the requesters because some have been waiting for the request for already months and still no respond from you.

So the only person I have given this is only x--tenshii/yourworst_nightmare.

Because of her absence without giving me the reasons and not telling me about it.
I will give her time to explain her and for the meanwhile, I will give her requests to some available editors.


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immobilize #1
Chapter 1: aww, i miss this shop. :<
KreysLovesMinah #2
Chapter 6: my favorite. this poster is my type.
KreysLovesMinah #3
Chapter 3: this is cute. asdfghjkl. simple and pretty
KreysLovesMinah #4
Chapter 2: it is cool. i liek it. it fits it finely,
OMGitsKpop #5
Do you have to make a new request? Because i made one like over a month ago :( And so glad you didn't actually stop making posters and stuff :DD
SapphireQueen #6
SapphireQueen #7
But you're gonna open a new shop so YEAAAAHHHH
Anyways, hwaiting! <3
wishful #8
Awh. :c It that you're closing this shop, but I'll be sure to look out for the new one that you'll open! :D

Quick question though: I requested a trailer from here a while back, and I got a PM from the employee I requested for confirming that the request had been received, but the trailer was never finished. .____. Now that the shop is closing, does that mean that I should just request elsewhere? XD Please let me know soon. :3
xCupcakeHolic #9
Oh at least ur opening a new one c:
iD0RKIE #10