Request #12: spicy-tofu-hwang

Graphic Generation♥{Closed for good}


Poster Link:


I couldn't really make it look like a movie but the idea was inspired by snsd's album cover of the boys :))

This is my first time to make a gif in ps and it was hard ;AA;

I hope you like it ^^; and sorry for the long wait.


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immobilize #1
Chapter 1: aww, i miss this shop. :<
KreysLovesMinah #2
Chapter 6: my favorite. this poster is my type.
KreysLovesMinah #3
Chapter 3: this is cute. asdfghjkl. simple and pretty
KreysLovesMinah #4
Chapter 2: it is cool. i liek it. it fits it finely,
OMGitsKpop #5
Do you have to make a new request? Because i made one like over a month ago :( And so glad you didn't actually stop making posters and stuff :DD
SapphireQueen #6
SapphireQueen #7
But you're gonna open a new shop so YEAAAAHHHH
Anyways, hwaiting! <3
wishful #8
Awh. :c It that you're closing this shop, but I'll be sure to look out for the new one that you'll open! :D

Quick question though: I requested a trailer from here a while back, and I got a PM from the employee I requested for confirming that the request had been received, but the trailer was never finished. .____. Now that the shop is closing, does that mean that I should just request elsewhere? XD Please let me know soon. :3
xCupcakeHolic #9
Oh at least ur opening a new one c:
iD0RKIE #10