open when...


title: Open When...


pairing/s: baekhyun/chanyeol


genre: romance, fluff


rating: pg-13


length: oneshot, 4644 wc


summary: 10 out of infinite letters proving how much C loves B







Author's note:


So this fic came from out of the blue. Like really.

I was writing a totally different fic for owmichi's birthday but scrapped it when I hit the 2K mark and now here is something I've written in half a day and it big time but I like it. lol

It's pretty much like an interactive fic so if you want to see what Chanyeol did for Baek, go click on the links. They're in pink font. The Harry Potter book I used is the earlier edition from Scholastic.:)

But yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR OWMICHI! I hope you like this a bit. orz

Thanks to my awesomes captain, Frances for looking through this. ilu <3


PS. And to Boovi and poops for the dancing XD

PSS. THANKS SO MUCH TO MY DEAR CrystalRainbow for the bg and poster ;AAAA;



thanks so much for the comments, guys you're all so nice ;A;

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eugena #1
Chapter 1: Heart touching feel that cannot be described while reading. A warm fluffy thank you for showing your thoughts through these strings of words....
sukimin #2
Chapter 1: This is so cute and beautiful!! Thanks for this authornim ^_^
39 streak #3
Chapter 1: I keep on rereading it and it warms my heart ♡
I love this a lot ♡
kicussibb03 #4
Chapter 1: this is so cuteeeeee
kicussibb03 #5
Chapter 1: this is so cute!!!
Chapter 1: I'm still so in love after so many years ?
galuli #7
Chapter 1: Ooooh mmmyyyyyy gooooood. Ny chanbaek feeeellllssssss. This is perfectly written and this is totally lovely!!!!
bubblyisme #8
Chapter 1: always one of my go-to fics when i miss chanbaek :')
Chapter 1: rereading this again and i feel so ;____; I cried again in the end cos it's too sweet and tender and simply this invoked too many emotions at once TT
My eyes, oh no I can't stop them pouring my tears out... This is so sweet, precious story... Thank you for sharing this with us :')