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Donghae swears he's not gay. He also swears that the supernatural doesn't exist. But then he meets Eunhyuk-sarcastic, handsome, mysterious, very supernatural, partially gay, Eunhyuk....AW, .

This is rated H for a reason, loves ;)


When Donghae has to move away from his hometown, Seoul, he thinks his life is over. Even worse, living on the very outskirts of South Korea, away from, like, EVERYONE. Life . But when he enrolls in Yangsan Academy and is introduced into a whole different kind of minded world, everything he has ever believed seems to go down the drain. To make it even worse, the people are even weirder. Especially Eunhyuk, who simply drives him over the edge of annoyance, embarassment, AND ual frustration. Combined with finding out what the hell he really is, finding out who he really loves, and what way he swings, Donghae has one heck of a road before him. 

This is a story of love, the supernatural, a hell of a lot of drama, dat good old , and just a little bit of crack. XD.

YES, there will be . But no, this is not a story where it is in every chapter. DEAL WITH IT <3

Enjoy and Review!


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kpoplover0809 #1
Chapter 17: Are u gonna continue this???T-T
biiitina #2
Chapter 17: Please Update again soon
ynah1002 #3
Chapter 17: did u die?
kawaiigirl12345 #4
Woman its been almost 5 years!!!! Where are you
jaezetta #5
Hyuk is mysterious...but hae still so naive and stupid....argghh so frustating...
Hope you'll continue this's a great story. Good luck
eunhae_gf #6
Chapter 17: Rereading this and still hoping that youwould come back and update this :(
HanBaram #7
Chapter 17: hiii hiii hiiii. miss u and this storyyyy
daisy141 #8
Chapter 17: please please please complete it T^T I fell in love with this story T^T i wanna know what will happen next and how will they end together and why can't he fall in love with hyuk and what's the story of the other characters ...
Anyway THANKS for sharing this beautiful story I think we'll have to guess the rest of it and leave it for our imagination ^^
eunhae_gf #9
Chapter 17: Pkease pleaseee updte this ><
HanBaram #10
Chapter 17: I love thisssssss .please update soon