Hardships and a Photobook


13 June 2013 | Rainy


Baekhyun says he still can't remember


But photos don't lie.


He seems well. 


And that's good enough for me





I drew my last comic strip today.


Will he see it? i hope h


I hope the readers will like it. 


Sora said she'll put it in the biggest column of the morning papers tomorrow


Excited ! ^^


Goodnight Baekh ,


Seo Eun








                                                                                      Started : 22 SEP 13

                                                                               Completed : 16 OCT 13

                                                        indonesian version by drumyeols: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1043661



21 August 2013

07:18 AMGood morning,Seo Eun! I'm up early like you always ask me to :)


07:20 AM : Hey c'mon, you always reply within one minute


02:02 PM : Had lunch? I'm having bacon. 


02:30 PM : Did you laugh? Bacon! You'll laugh and say I'm munching myself


06:57 PM : It's the sunset now, Seo Eun! Your favorite!


11:11 PM : They say 11.11 is a special time, maybe you can hear me?


11:11 PM : I wish you'll come back


11:12 PM : Time passes too fast


00:35 AM : I just yawned. sleeping? I'm going to bed now. 


00:38 AM : Good night, I love you. We'll talk tomorrow :)


22 August 2013

08:40 AM : Slept well? I love your new hairstyle last night. I am so happy you're glad with your new hair I swear I smiled in my sleep. But I think look perfect in any style. Yes, including no hair, Seo Eun. I love all of it


10:19 AM : some friends just came over and passed me your stuff from elementary school. 10 Tamagotchis? Seriously? 


03:49 PM : i'm on the bus to buy some carrots, what about you? Are the carrots fresh there?


03:58 PM : Can you reply me?


07:05 PM : The sun set too quickly today! Sunset lovers won't be too happy, you know. But I saw what you did there!!! 


07:15 PM : but it's still beautiful as ever. Next time..add some pink to the clouds keke


09:58 PM : Seo Eun, is the TV good there? Is it slimmer than ours? Your favorite drama is starting!!


10:27 PM : are you getting the story so far? Do you need me to explain it?


11:01 PM : okay i know you're really sad that they aren't together anymore but it's just a show


11:05 PM : if you're crying now, stop 


24 August 2013

05:33 AM : Good morning!!!!I'm so so so sorry I couldn't text you yesterday, there were many people coming to talk to you today and I had to clean the place up. Normally you did the chores but


05:34 AM : you know what I mean... so anyway i decided to wake up before you did and say 'good morning' to the prettiest wife ever :) 


05:50 AM : Oh my! i just saw a star twinkle. I knew you would wake up this early for me :)


05:51 AM : Yup i know that's you, the star at the outermost left. Can you see me waving??


07:02 PM : I prepared your favorite mushroom soup for dinner but why aren't you here


10:26 PM : i can't believe im tearing because of a drama. you must be flooding a Han river up                there aren't you?


25 August 2013


02:59 AM : Seo Eun this isn't funny anymore. I know you can see me and hear me and i miss you so much. I love you very much, i love you so so much. But stop appearing in my dreams.Stop smiling there. If you want to, then don't let me wake up, ever. What you're doing isn't fair. It's not fair at all. I can't sleep anymore. I turn to my side but you're not here. I smell your scent but you're nowhere near. You want me to see you when i'm asleep but when i wake up you're gone. You want me to smile and continue being happy and to move on but you don't teach me how. I hug you in my dreams but when i open my eyes i see a bolster. I'm scared and I don't want to open my eyes ever again. Why? The dramas we watch are nothing like this. So why don't you come...come back to me...Come back, Seo Eun. Please...








Since some of you were asking me about what it meant by Baek still texting Seo Eun, I editted it a little now, hope it's clearer! ^^

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pcy_1127 #1
Chapter 2: hi new reader here^^
i saw it interesting and i'd love to continue and subscribe the story
reimasya #2
Chapter 7: This is just...sad ?
Skinimin_ #3
Chapter 8: Thank you so much for writing this story. This is hands down the most amazing story I've ever read. It was so beautifully written and not too detailed but just the perfect amount. This story is prefect. It made me realise all the little things in life and I'm just here to thank you for making me cry at 1am and this was definitely worth my time.
tiniesayuki #4
Chapter 8: This story is just beautiful, very beautiful. I love it so much. Thank you for writing a beautiful story like this for us to read. I hope you find success in everything you've done. Fighting!
nice ♡
mypspartner #6
Chapter 8: im here to thank you for making me crying everytime i rereading it. it's so beautiful!
Chapter 8: My finals start tomorrow and I am bawling over this story right now.
This was so beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful story.
wanxinyan #8
Chapter 8: I can't believe this is your first story. Absolutely beautifully written, very meaningful and sweet. I crude buckets reading this, a very bittersweet story. I also love how extremely strong the oc is thank you soo much, I think this is the first story that managed to make me cry that much (´;ω;`)
Chapter 8: i really related to how seo eun stalked baekhyun's and jaeyi's whatsapp last seen I USED TO DO IT ALL THE TIME

i really loved this fic. i teared up around the end because it was honestly beautiful and i loved every single bit of it. i'm definitely gonna reread this again to pick up any details i didn't catch during my first read bc it's like 11 here and i'm mentally exhausted-

hardships and a photobook is seriously touching. keep it up!
Hi. This story is so good. It's a pity that the o/c died but damn you played with my feelings. I'm crying for real. This is such a beautiful story. Thank you for writing such a wonderful and great story. I'm gonna rate this fic 10 out of 10 ;)