The Perfect Two



"You should not love both her and cannot love the two of us...and you must not love either one of us." ~ Taeyeon.


"I should, I can, and I will love the two of heart is big enough to love you both." ~ Tiffany.



Hi everyone, I'm back again! Anyone from Pretense here? Did you miss me? Because I certainly missed you :) I wanted to wait a bit more before posting but my fingers were itching and I was getting paranoid with so many authors out there that someone may have a similar story to mine (well there may be a similar story but I just haven’t read it yet!). Anyway, Thank you for choosing to come on another adventure with me, I hope that my new story does not disappoint. Hope to hear from you!


Just a warning that updates may be a little slow since I am shafted to a rural location as part of my university program. Let's just hope that the internet connection in outback Australia is fast (If internet even exists out there!)


Chapter 1 will be up tomorrow :)


P.S. I don't really like the title of the story but I can't think of anything else at the moment. I might change it along the way. Suggestions are welcome! 

Oh My! We are featured (On Taengoo's birthday too)!!! Thank you everyone. Love you lots. xoxo

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kritika06 #1
Chapter 34: Plz update soon don't hang us like this..
Lemonchan2 #2
Oh wait, chapter 34 wasn't the last chapter... -.-'
Lemonchan2 #3
Chapter 34: Last chapter: left me suffocated... i was so shoked at the split personnality, truly wasn't expecting that (omg will tae ever tell fany ?) And was even less exepcting Myeon being Tae's daughter (you lost me a second time after that) O_O
How come her eyes are blue/grey ?

And this is honestly the awesomely CREEPIEST, yet most original taeny fanfic I've read so far ! >_<' I still can't grasp the fact that Haeyeon has never truly existed... gotta have to read the whole thing again one day with this new info at the back of my mind. X)
SNSDtaenyAddict #4
Chapter 34: Update soon. TTT___________TTT
But. I think hayeon appeared obly at night. And hayeon is like the part of taeyeon wished for. They really are not twins. Wow. This is. Wow. Hahaha thanks again author. :)
SNSDtaenyAddict #5
Chapter 8: taeyeon has split personality...i think..based on my theory...hahha theory?! hahahah...but she has split persona.. ithink its not a twin..its her doing it..not in the same room so that her personality know? gosh!...thi is interesting...omg!! im addicted to this story...i must recommend this to my friends...hahahha thanks for this...i must read now..ill continue my reading....hahaha even thou im a bit late in this... i can still comment right? hahah xD
Gyhbjuh #6
Chapter 34: Does this mean that TaeYeon has split personality disorder and since I'm seeing all the comments of how miyeon is her daughter that she is miyeons mother? Am I correct?
paradoxicalninja #7
Chapter 34: I almost never read incomplete stories cause I don't like the feeling of not having closure and waiting for answers. But I decided to check this after seeing so many recommending this and I'm so glad I did. It's been a long time since a fic has left me this speechless. I am seriously, seriously astounded with the twists and the mystery you tossed every now and then to keep us guessing. This is one solid piece of fanfiction and I hope that you can come back and update. Please please please. Do not abandon this.

And yep, Hayeon and Taeyeon are definitely the same person, and I'd also like to think that Miyeon is her daughter.

Damn please come back. This is ridiculously good. We'll be waiting for your return. Please please please.
Chapter 34: Woah daebak!!!
Please continue this story authornim
I love it :3 thankyou :))
Chapter 20: Woah Jeti?