The Perfect Two



"You should not love both her and cannot love the two of us...and you must not love either one of us." ~ Taeyeon.


"I should, I can, and I will love the two of heart is big enough to love you both." ~ Tiffany.



Hi everyone, I'm back again! Anyone from Pretense here? Did you miss me? Because I certainly missed you :) I wanted to wait a bit more before posting but my fingers were itching and I was getting paranoid with so many authors out there that someone may have a similar story to mine (well there may be a similar story but I just haven’t read it yet!). Anyway, Thank you for choosing to come on another adventure with me, I hope that my new story does not disappoint. Hope to hear from you!


Just a warning that updates may be a little slow since I am shafted to a rural location as part of my university program. Let's just hope that the internet connection in outback Australia is fast (If internet even exists out there!)


Chapter 1 will be up tomorrow :)


P.S. I don't really like the title of the story but I can't think of anything else at the moment. I might change it along the way. Suggestions are welcome! 


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yxtxlovesnsdforever #1
Chapter 34: Please continue this story
Lady97 #2
Chapter 34: DEFINItely Miyeon is Taeyeon's daughter right? OMG how do you that? And obviously Hayeon is the dark side of Taeyeon. Wow. Just wow. Please update soon!
shazlin255 #3
Chapter 34: Oh my god I knew it! ásdfghjkl;' The way you've been dropping little hints but flipped them back to confuse the readers had me fooled but I knew it! Plot twist af. I hope you continue with this, you're so good with the mysteries. I'm dying to know who's Miyeon. Is she her daughter then? The age made me think so but I could be wrong. Thank you for sharing this with us, I appreciate your efforts/hard work.
Tabblee #4
Chapter 34: Author, please update. Or is it the end of the story??
rachelmc06 #5
Woah this was dropped??? I love this story
Devilpinkmonster #6
Chapter 34: I think Tae and hay are one person am I right author??
behh818th #7
Chapter 34: omg. im so slowwwwww. taeyeon and hayeon is actually the same person!! omg!! forgive my slow minddddddd. and please update soon author. you are awesome!
sone_1991 #8
waaaah comeback~~
Foodislovefoodislife #9
Chapter 34: Even though it's almost been a year since you last updated, I hope you will continue with the story as I am thoroughly enjoying it :D
Definitely worth the read
anirecamp #10
Chapter 34: why do I feel that tae actually not twins but had two double personality
author , when the update again , please update