Double Trouble


When Taeyeon given a task by her crazy father she cannot say no. It's her responsiblity to help her family. There's a lot of things happened when she try to help her father. 





" You know sweetie, i think someone on our company is trying to take over my place. Some source told me a few weeks ago." Mr. Kim told her daughter through the phone. "Why do they want to do that? You're the owner of that company. You better investigate it dad. You working so hard on that company. It's not easy to build that company and now you're one of the most successfull human being on earth. You know that dad?" she smile. she knw what her father will answer her. " Yahhh!!! You over exaggerated it. I know about that. That's the reason why I call u today."

" So, you're not calling me because you miss me? Oh poor little daughter. No one miss u kid. No one miss u.." She's trying hard not to laugh. "NO! Sweetie. Of course I miss you so much. I haven't see you for almost three years now. When do you want to cme back? You really love New York more than me now? Oh my, poor little daddy. NO one miss him." 

"Dadddddddyyyyyy!!! You shouldn't said that. You know I love you so much right?" The old man burst into laughter as he heard his daughter said that. " I know, I know. I love you too sweetie. So, I need yu to do something for me. Before that, how are u sweetie? Still into photography? You know, You should have your own studio or gallery or whatever related to photography there. At least yu have something to do there. Stop playing around with all your gadget. I know you really good in photography. Go make some money there. Eventhough you don't need that." He know, with all the money he send to her daughter every month, her daughter don't need to do anything there. It's more than enough for her. 

" I know dad. I'm good here. I'm enjoying my life now. Some of my friends help me here too. They pay me for my work. Even i don't need it. But, hey it's not bad you know. But, I prefer to live like this. No commitment, no worries" she smile. She know her daddy will support her n matter what she want. Her daddy love her so much. And luckily she's not some spoil brat kid. And she respect her father so much.

"Okey then, if you said so. Don't bother to tell me if you want anything okey? So, do me a favor. Can you please........" Her daddy explaining something to her.

" What? Are you sure about this daddy? What if I can't do it?" She's not feeling good about her father's idea. "I know you can sweetie. I trust you. " Her daddy calm her down. " Let me think about it first daddy." She need to think about it. It's not an easy task for her. "Sure, take your time kid. But not too long. Okay sweetie? I need to go now. Take care of yourself there. Mommy and daddy love you so much." "Okay dad, love you too. Dad, kiss mommy for me later. Hahahahahaha!! " "Yahhh!! You know your mommy will slap me for that? No, can't do."  She know what to do. "Oh poor little daughter. Her beloved daddy don't want to grant her wish. There, there poor little daughter. No one love you anymore." she's giggling. "Yahhhh you little evil. Okay okay. I'll kiss her later. Wish your mother in a good mood today." He can't say no to her daughter. He love her so much. She's the only daughter he had. 

" Buy her diamond ring first dad. You know she'll let you kiss her or more than that. Maybe i can have lil' sister after this. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" she can't take it anymore. She burst out of laugh.

" You evil little girl. Okay, I need to go now. Bye sweetie. Think about it okay? I love you so much." 

With that conversation Taeyeon lay back on her bed. She love her life now. But to think about it, that company that make her life so comfortable now. She know what to do now. She'll help her father no matter what happened.




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maemae08 #1
Chapter 38: I really love this story I love everything about this story keep it up author continue your great work thank you for sharing this to us.
Keiko_ney #2
Chapter 38: Cant wait the day of taeny...
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Chapter 38: Awwww... taeny so cute!! And their families tooooooo ... huwaaa
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Chapter 38: Lol for a second i thought that miss jung come with them but i remember that tiffany has a niece name Jessica too hehehe... Lol Tae you'll feel what Soo felt to on your big day
soonyu #5
Chapter 37: The Adriana signature kiss made me laugh so hard.
JasKoh89 #6
Chapter 37: wow!!! Finally an update to my favourite story. thank you
Hwang_Leon #7
Chapter 37: Finally youre updating this story authorr! Thank you for a great chapter and hoping to see another chapter soon! Good job:D
71 streak #8
Chapter 37: Hahaha Sooyoung's reaction when they saw Sinny and Joey kissing ^_^ that Tony guy is so full of himself... hope the videoguy Jeremy? follow taeyeon's advice and can work with taeyeon's team... can't wait for SooSica's and Taeny's wedding
Movie91 #9
Chapter 37: This chapter is worth the wait :)
I just hope we don't need to wait that long for Taeny's wedding :)
Chapter 37: Wow,,, im so happy to see notif that your story updated \(^o^)/
I consider this as my early birthday gift hahaha XD
This is really great author, as always^^
I felt proud too for Tiff and happy with all pairings here... Especially Taeny ofcourse! Wkwkwk...
And hha take that Tony the playboy! He is so annoying, i thought he have 2 mouths... Talked too much -__-
Well, even just small moment i hope i can see the junior photographer in next chap, it will be great if he can join Tae's team hehehe...
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