When Chanyeol read 10080

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10080 caused quite a stir in the EXO-fandom. But what happens when Chanyeol gets to read it?


10080 was a story that moved me (and so many other people) to tears. EXObubz did an amazing job and I hope people will keep spreading the love.

Please read it here, if you haven't already.

This story explores what happens after Chanyeol reads it.



Thanks to EXObubz for giving me permission to write this!

This story doesn't add or change anything to the original 10080 story, nor is it an official epilogue like the beautiful 86400 


Russian Translation by DamiIsLove can be found here.

Spanish Translation by Nintendyos can be found here.

Indonesian Translation by mystaery can be found here.


Please message me if you wish to receive a soft copy of the story.

Poster and Background by buddhaabelly @ We Got Fired

Reviewed by Pilsuk123 @ Sehun's Review and Recommendation Café


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01/04 Featured. I guess this means I have to write that side story now? THANK YOU

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Chapter 4: hahahaha.. that was hillarious!!
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Chapter 3: about KRIS... I wish!! I really really Wish!!! *sigh*
The ending was hilarious lol >.<
sheriaw #5
its great
Aqua_phoenix #6
Hi i'm Iranian translator and i wish you gave me permission for translate your fiction to persian❤
blaack-pearlz #7
I want to read 10080 soooo badly,but I can't find it.can anyone please tell me what I have to do to be able to read 10080??
Myew_na #8
Chapter 5: I have to admit, I am exactly the same as @anknick and I haven't read '10080' because of all the sadness it seems to contain. But! I really enjoyed this story. The ending is unexpected and I looove it, it makes the story look even more natural.
Thank you for this great story <3
anknick #9
I have actually not read 10080 because I have a fragile heart and I have heard enough about it to steer clear of it. Maybe I'd read it someday, buuuuut I'm so glad I found this story! This was perfect! The bromance, the emotional dilemma, their interactions, everything was so damn good!
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Chapter 2: Glad that I found this