The Last Straw


"If only we could erase our memories.

At this moment, I envy those who can't remember atleast they won't feel the pain of the ones who can."





The Last Straw




"You said we  could have our forever."





"I don't believe in forever anymore."











author's note:

  • First of all I wanted to thank you for reading the 27th of October. I could not believe many people would read so I am beyond pleased when many people read it TT^TT You made me so happy. You guys are the best!
  • Second, it will make so much sense if you read The 27th of October before reading The Last Straw because this story was a side story and a continuation (somewhat) and this will have the following chapters:
  1. Prologue
  2. Before
  3. During
  4. After
  5. Epilogue
  • The before, during and after refers to the before, during, and after the baekyeol story in The 27th of October. I made this side story to focus on Kaisoo and to answer all that was left behind in The 27th of October.
  • Again, thank you so much.


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Mirilu #1
Chapter 5: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Miss-Critic #2
Chapter 7: ok i just cried!
Girly123 #3
Chapter 7: U hurt me :'-))
apcv_123 #4
Love this so much
misskila #5
Chapter 7: Author-nim. I couldn't find last straw take two. Sobs ㅠㅠ
alicemusic666 #6
Chapter 6: so sad. So sad.
nerahz #7
Chapter 6: I really like this because it also shows the other side story of The 27th of October, and I cried a lot....Why????Why do you have to take not only Baek but also Kai. I wasn't expecting this at all. Poor Kyungie.
onceuponkpop #8
Chapter 6: THIS. KILLED. ME.
mhavshibuya #9
Chapter 6: I decided to read this again to get a good grip and yes thank you once again.. The pain I felt is sooooo real just like the first time. I really love this story and I will continue to love this