The Last Straw


"If only we could erase our memories.

At this moment, I envy those who can't remember atleast they won't feel the pain of the ones who can."





The Last Straw




"You said we  could have our forever."





"I don't believe in forever anymore."











author's note:

  • First of all I wanted to thank you for reading the 27th of October. I could not believe many people would read so I am beyond pleased when many people read it TT^TT You made me so happy. You guys are the best!
  • Second, it will make so much sense if you read The 27th of October before reading The Last Straw because this story was a side story and a continuation (somewhat) and this will have the following chapters:
  1. Prologue
  2. Before
  3. During
  4. After
  5. Epilogue
  • The before, during and after refers to the before, during, and after the baekyeol story in The 27th of October. I made this side story to focus on Kaisoo and to answer all that was left behind in The 27th of October.
  • Again, thank you so much.


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rizzmore #1
Oh damn why was I scrolling through the comments and I just read that another pair will end like the previous story, more tragic.. WHY GOD WWWHHHHYYYY
Oh my God should I read this.... I'm not ready.... I'm not ready for imagine Kyungsoo's face.... And Jongin's....
lejammingsalmon #2
Chapter 6: Read the October 27th fic last night and just read this now. Safe to say I have had two consecutive nights of sobbing due to two of the most beautifully tragic stories I have read in my history of reading these things. Curse you authornim for writing these fics so well!!!! GIVE US FLUFFS OR ELSE FEELS WILL EAT ME WHOLE!!!! </3 TT_TT
nameless_ice #3
Chapter 6: Omg whyyyyyyyyyyyyy T_T
That ending was so beautiful but heartbreaking
Im cried so hard at the ending T_T
WinterKim #4
Chapter 7: I'm pretty depressed that I still can't accept the fact that both of Chanyeol and Kyungsoo lost their soulmates. Like, the first chapter of both 27th and Last Straw they are single and yeah the they are still single. What is life
shiexo_anies #5
Chapter 5: Omg I read 27 october years ago . And i found this story yesterday. My whole life has been a lie sob sob sob . Jongin die could be more sad than baek die.
LoV3MuZiK #6
Chapter 7: waeee??? I hoped till the end that it won't.. be a sad ending....but..b-b-but... T_T
Flyni124 #7
The story is very interesting. I cried. Thank you, author <3

Can I translate this fic into Vietnamese?
I'll write with full credit. Please reply me soon.
bami1756 #8
Chapter 6: This is so tragic for me. Oh my heart.. I'm sobbing so hard. But I know this one is a good ending too.. Love ya!
LaylaEl #9
Chapter 6: aaaaaaaahhh jesus... jesus... jesus .. uhhh dear lord bless them all jesus... goooddddddd i cried again.. i hate you authors T_T ahhh jesus... ugghh lord i wish i can hug both of them... agghhh poor little things... ahhhh god jesus have mercy on me