The Last Straw Completed!

by nestine
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Jongin, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, Chanyeol


"If only we could erase our memories.

At this moment, I envy those who can't remember atleast they won't feel the pain of the ones who can."





The Last Straw




"You said we  could have our forever."





"I don't believe in forever anymore."











author's note:

  • First of all I wanted to thank you for reading the 27th of October. I could not believe many people would read so I am beyond pleased when many people read it TT^TT You made me so happy. You guys are the best!
  • Second, it will make so much sense if you read The 27th of October before reading The Last Straw because this story was a side story and a continuation (somewhat) and this will have the following chapters:
  1. Prologue
  2. Before
  3. During
  4. After
  5. Epilogue
  • The before, during and after refers to the before, during, and after the baekyeol story in The 27th of October. I made this side story to focus on Kaisoo and to answer all that was left behind in The 27th of October.
  • Again, thank you so much.

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Jado0205 () says:
can I translate your fic to Vietnamese T.T ?
your writing is really good T.T

exobutterflygirl () says about chapter 6:
Haist,.another pain ion my heart,. I will FOREVER LOVE this,.
PS: i smile and LOVE the sound of the heartbeat 'padum padum' :)


exobutterflygirl () says about chapter 5:
Oh my.. I was planning to go back to 27th OCTOBER and read the part where chanyeol and others watch the vid of baek to check that jongin is there with kyungie coz while reading that part here my minds in confusion because that day jongin is with kyungsoo and while continue reading i find the answer,. Kyungie is just hallucinating,.oh my i think i have the same prob with kyungie now,.i need to go to rehabilation LOL,.
My heart breaks when jongin said to kyung that's he dont believe in FOREVER anymore ,. Coz i want kaisoo to be forever,.i can't control my emotion now,. Why are you like this author-nim,.?!why did you let jongin to have the same flight as baek?!why did you let their plane crah?!huhu,.
Sorry author-nim for my blabbering i just cant,.im carried away by you story,.
After reading this, anterograde tomorrow,10080,27th OCTOBER, i realized something,.i LOVE angst, it makes me sad and cry,.but the story is just AWESOME,. Maybe someone can suggest another story,. I read some comments on other site that ABSOLUTE CHANYEOL is also an angst,. But i'll read first your other fic IT TAKES TWO,. i'm really into ♥kaisoo♥ but as long as it's a good story it doesn't matter,. Bu still ♥kaisoo♥ first,.haha,. SORRY again author-nim

exobutterflygirl () says about chapter 4:
What just happened to ♥kaisoo♥?!

exobutterflygirl () says about chapter 3:
If baekyeol is all about dates,. ♥kaisoo♥ is all about photos,. My poor heart,. Haist. :)

exobutterflygirl () says about chapter 3:
I love your words and quotations about LOVE,. You're a great writer ,,,,
LOVe it,.my heart is happy,.


exobutterflygirl () says about chapter 2:
LOL,.i love this,.

weirdofangirl () says about chapter 6:
Author you make me cry hard ~ the fact that Jongin died it's just unacceptable ... ~

KaioticEli () says about chapter 6:
Wow authernim you are really awesome i must acknowledge you because m all tearing up.....i've never cried reading a fanfic but this made me cry.....i was here for answers to my queries from the 27th of oct but authernim how could you kill my bias like that.......huhuhuhuhuhu i cant imagine my Jonginnah dying like that....aaahhhhh this is soooo sadddd :'( :'(

andreaylen () says about chapter 6:
I'm sad

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