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The Last Straw


"If only we could erase our memories.

At this moment, I envy those who can't remember atleast they won't feel the pain of the ones who can."





The Last Straw




"You said we  could have our forever."





"I don't believe in forever anymore."











author's note:

  • First of all I wanted to thank you for reading the 27th of October. I could not believe many people would read so I am beyond pleased when many people read it TT^TT You made me so happy. You guys are the best!
  • Second, it will make so much sense if you read The 27th of October before reading The Last Straw because this story was a side story and a continuation (somewhat) and this will have the following chapters:
  1. Prologue
  2. Before
  3. During
  4. After
  5. Epilogue
  • The before, during and after refers to the before, during, and after the baekyeol story in The 27th of October. I made this side story to focus on Kaisoo and to answer all that was left behind in The 27th of October.
  • Again, thank you so much.


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Liannakaisoo #1
Chapter 5: I read this one. I cried so much
More than when I read 27th October....
I'm big mess right now. Omg you did so well at writing those two fictions.
Thank you even if u made me cry !
Babygotswirls #2
Chapter 6: I'm going to confess that when I read the other fic I was too busy crying to even think about Kai but now I'm just laughing, no, I'm being sarcastic.. And I thought... I can't even say it
OuKanha #3
Chapter 7: It seems like you enjoy making me cry XD
baektothechan #4
yanacamren #5
Chapter 7: you made me cry at 3 in the morning
ikonarmy #6
this is great
mhavzzy #7
Chapter 7: When I read 27th of october I felt a strong pang on my heart.. But when I finished Last Straw, my heart was shattered into pieces. Arggghhh authornim .. You made my hearyt cry and bleed for the characters.
nina_b2uty #8
Chapter 6: you made me cried.. again..
FlamingMe #9
Chapter 6: oh my god....what the hell is this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ didn't expect this at all.... jongin ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ this is so beautiful but so sad that i cried so hard. they are left alone again... jongin and baekhyun left them ㅠㅠㅠㅠ my heart... thank you for writing this! not gonna forget this. this is one of the best fics i've ever read :-)