My Beautiful Roommate


Living with a girl who's whole life revolves around skinship is not easy.


Espesially if you're lesbian.


This is Kim Taeyeon's life living with her college dorm mate, Stephanie Hwang Miyoung, the American girl who just moved to Korea and barely knew her own language. Kim Taeyeon has the task of actually finding a way to communicate with the girl who only understood simple Korean words which weren't enough to start a single conversation.


What made it worse was that Stephanie was undeniably beautiful, which made it harder on Taeyeon, who was an openly lesbian person.


Follow Kim Taeyeon and her friends around their dorm life with their beautiful roommates~


My Beautiful Roommate

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A GirlxGirl Romantic Story

Note: This story is in the middle of being edited (:



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Mootrash #1
Currently reading/enjoying this.
Chapter 40: great story !!!! love all the happy endingsss
amiraramira #3
Chapter 39: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Yulsicislife #4
Chapter 39: yous story is amazing!!! Please write more yulsic author-ssi!
subs_zero #5
Following all your stories. Love it!!! Please keep writing
Chapter 39: Great story, author!! Keep falling in love with YulSic againn
Sbgeralds #7
I'm just a er for this kind of story. Love hot & romantic yulsic in here :')
Sushisashimi #8
Awhhh Yulsic & Taeny are so adorable! I'm so in love with this fic, author!
I really really love your writing, author! Your works have become my favorite!
Justiceleague #10
Finished reading this story in one day! Such an awesome storyyy