My Beautiful Roommate


Living with a girl who's whole life revolves around skinship is not easy.


Espesially if you're lesbian.


This is Kim Taeyeon's life living with her college dorm mate, Stephanie Hwang Miyoung, the American girl who just moved to Korea and barely knew her own language. Kim Taeyeon has the task of actually finding a way to communicate with the girl who only understood simple Korean words which weren't enough to start a single conversation.


What made it worse was that Stephanie was undeniably beautiful, which made it harder on Taeyeon, who was an openly lesbian person.


Follow Kim Taeyeon and her friends around their dorm life with their beautiful roommates~


My Beautiful Roommate

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A GirlxGirl Romantic Story

Note: This story is in the middle of being edited (:



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Chapter 39: Ehh, everything has to end someday. But at least I know it ended with happiness! I'm really glad all the girl happily ended with each other despite many obstacles they met on their way. I really enjoyed reading and commenting this story, experiencing the girls' college life was amazing. Thank you for all the hard work put in this story and I hope you weren't annoyed with all my comments haha It's december today already so I'll leave this story with wishes of health to you and as well happiness! Happy (soon) Holidays! ^_^ <333
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Chapter 38: Wow, I didn't expect Yoona and Seohyun to go that wild haha But finally! They said the three words I waited so long for them to say <3 They said... 'Take it off' *^* ... Hahaha, just kidding, it was 'I love you' obviously :D I'm so damn happy for them :3
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Chapter 36: Hm, it looks like everything is going fine now. Finally! I pray that the girls will be fine from now on. She experienced a lot of pain already ;;
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Chapter 35: I'm proud of Jessica as well ^^ She fought for her happiness no matter the consequences. She's so brave! Unlike Yoona. I hope she will realize her mistake now ;;
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Chapter 33: The girls were so happy, why it had to stop~~ ;-; I'm so mad at Yoona, she hurt Seohyun so much! And I can't believe Tiffany let go of Tae like that TT
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Chapter 32: What the hell just happened. It... It was going so well! Taeny and Yoonhyun and... No! TT Why are you doing this to me, now I'm heartbroken too T^T
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Chapter 31: I really really want to slap Sica's mother. And father. And her whole family lmao. But seriously, she brought so much trouble for Jess and Yuri. And Jonghyun. Why is he such an ? Ugh. I want Sica to break the engagement so much!
About Yoona and Seohyun, I can't wait until one of them will say 'I love you'! ^_^
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Chapter 30: Thank God Yuri let Jessica explain herself. I feel like Sica's mother won't be happy how the things turned out. To hell with her hahaha And finally, FINALLY! Sunny and Sooyoung are together <3 It makes me so happy! ^^