Our King Jiyong


Everyone wants to live a normal lives with good jobs, nice family, warm home, etc. That's what Kwon Jiyong wished for. He does have a nice family, a small and warm home, and a normal live even though he's poor. One day, he went into the woods and something magical and abnormal happened to him which will change his life forever... 




I’m just a normal 17 year old boy. Yes, I am poor but I never complained. My dad is hospitalized due to cancer. So it’s up to me to look for a job. I worked as a tofu maker at Mr. Jang’s tofu shop. It’s a small shop. It’s not much but at least I got some money to buy us some food and drinks. I still went to school even though life is hard for both me and my mom. But since I didn’t have any money to buy pens or pencils, I always borrowed some from my friends. Well, this is life… I really hope that my dad will be cure even though it’s sound impossible.


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nyong_dal #2
i hope dara would be his wife here....
OneOfAKindBich #3
OMO! . update soon!
Mimi_Loves #4
whaaa :(<br />
please update soon :d<br />
i really want to know what happenes next :D
WillyTian #5
maknaehariiex27 #6
g-dragon is scared :'(
WillyTian #7
AmberrJane_x #8
:O Khun better find Jiyongie fast!!<br />
Hope he's gonna be okayy~ >.<
maknaehariiex27 #9
CRAP! what will happen to G-Dragon???
OneOfAKindBich #10
OMO Khunnieeee!!! u better find jiyongie soon!!
Bubbl3s321 #11
D: omo...Jiyong can't marry dara...noo...he has khunnnn!!!!