-3rd person pov-


Kwon Jiyong skipped home with a plastic of lunch. His mom opened the door after he knocked it several times. They then sat on a mat, preparing to eat their lunch.


“Jiyong,” His mom looked at him, “Are you going to visit your dad later?”


“Yeah, after I’m done with this.” The boy said with his mouth full.


“Swallow before you talk.” His mom smiled.


He just nodded and finished eating his food.




-Jiyong pov-


I went to visit dad at the hospital. He seemed so lonely… like always. I put my biggest smile as I approached him. He saw me and smiled faintly.


“Hey dad, how are ya?” I sat on a chair beside his bed.


“I am fine my boy. How about you and your mom?”


“We’re fine too. Um,” I looked at his pale face and sighed, “When will you get better? We missed you. We want you to go home.”


Dad stroked my hair with a smile. I stared at him for a while. His eyes were sparkling which makes my heart skipped a beat. I got a bad feeling all of the sudden. The image of him leaving us forever makes me choked back my tears. Huh, why do I even picture him leaving us?






I woke up from my trance when I felt my dad’s thumb on my cheek. He was wiping my tears.


I cried?


I quickly wiped my tears away and smiled. Ugh, I felt so stupid right now. Why do I have to cry? I just worried him more…


“Jiyong, don’t worry about me. I’ll be okay.” He patted my head.


“I… I um… gonna go to the toilet.”


I walked out of the building and went behind it to cry my heart out. I’m not weak. It’s just that when it comes to my family, I can’t help but show my weakness…


Suddenly, something stopped me from crying. Right in front of me, stood a white rabbit. It was staring at me. I reached my hands to it after I wiped my tears away but it ran away. I just stared at it but it stopped at stared at me back. Something tells me that this rabbit wants me to follow it. So without giving it a second thought, I followed it. It hoped into the woods. My heart beat faster and faster as I followed it deep into the woods. It’s really strange of how an animal wants you to followed it like there’s something it wanna show you.


I soon realize that the rabbit was not in sight anymore. There’s a small pond not far from me which caught my attention. I approached it and saw my own reflection.




I pointed at my reflection with a gasped. My cloths changed. I was wearing a simple plain white t-shirt and a pair of shorts but now, I’m in a red shirt, a pair of black pants and a top hat!


Oh and the boots! And, and, and the necklace! How do I have this horse necklace thingy?




Wait; could the rabbit do this to me? I better get out of here.


I ran back to the path where I entered this weird place but there’s a huge tree blocking the entrance.


Oh no, how should I get out from here?


Panic started to overwhelm me. I seems like I’m trapped here. But then, I heard noises. Footsteps to be exact which is not far from here.


The footsteps are getting closer and soon, two funny people appeared from the woods. A boy and a girl.


The two of them looked at each other then back at me. I just stand here, staring at them. The boy then approached me with his arms folded. He was wearing a formal-like cloth and a cute bear hat.


How… weird.


And the girl was wearing a black dress with bunny ears on top of her head. Are they having some kind of a costume party or something?


“No way…” The boy shook his head.


What no way?


“It’s him!” The girl said in awe.


What me?


“No way! No damn way!”


Okay, what is wrong with these people?




credits to bebeyelmo@kaleidoscopekreations for the awesome poster and background^^


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i hope dara would be his wife here....
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OMO! . update soon!
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CRAP! what will happen to G-Dragon???
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OMO Khunnieeee!!! u better find jiyongie soon!!
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