Let's Get Married As Well...



Im Jin Ah, or more commonly known as Nana, had her heart broken by her first love. Just like most girls of young age, she wanted to forget everything about him. She hated him and all the memories that had once been so sweet. She and her family have moved and she started a new life; a new chance to start, and a chance to find the one that would mend her. 
Hello! Cloud is here again for a new fanic! I know, I'm not suppose to release this yet, but I was itching to do so. Please also check out my other fanfics <3 
I do not own any of the characters, and if there are any similarities found from other fics, it's just coincidence. Also, please subscribe and comment !


Im Jin Ah / Nana

 22. a normal college student studying at University. She is going for the study of Astronomy. Nice and quiet. She can be feisty when she wants to. 


Cho Kyuhyun

22. Nana’s ex-boyfriend. He likes playing around with girls. He went into a relationship with Nana because he wanted to use her for revenge from his ex. 

Kim Heechul

* will be revealed soon* 

Im Jooyeon 

18. Nana’s younger sister who got pregnant at an early age.  A naive and cute girl. 


Cho Jonghun

19. Kyuhyun’s younger brother, Jooyeon’s boyfriend. A smart and responsible guy. Promises to love Jooyeon with all his life. 


I know that the characters don't look alike at all. And instead of beauty/modeling, I gave Jin Ah astronomy. 

i will get back to you guys

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Will you update author-nim?
Chapter 18: Please update~
kyuslave #3
Chapter 18: hey ^^ mind to update it? i love KyuNana couple <3
Chapter 18: Update soon
Chapter 18: New reader here :D i loooooooooooovvvvvvveeee thhis stooraay! <3
yay for an update :D update more. lol love kyu's pics ^^
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yeeeaa !!! whats gonna happen??
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Yey! You've finally updated! LOL!
It's okay~ Take your time! ^^
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Omigosh!!!!you finally updated!! Whee, first one to comment for this newest update:) great update by the way, hope you'll at least update a few times even though you are so busy...but still don't over tire yourself!;)