If picture describes a thousand words, then a song tell undescribable emotions and stories.

I believe it that way. 


Well, I have wanted to do this for quite a long while since I wrote a lot of one-shots. 
I love music. 
Music is essential for me, I can't live a day without music. How much my family matter for me, music is too. 
I write lyrics but never know if it is good enough, due to some problem, I only get to learn guitar starting this year.
I hope I can compose music sooner or later and make my own songs.
I can sing, that what people say and I have most confidence when I sing on stage. 

Music is everywhere around us. 
Everyone loves music, the difference is how much you love it. 
I develop a hobby of writing since 10(?) I rewrote some of the stories and my family read it. 
Then slowly, I discover a new world call fanfiction.
This is where my passion for writing get bigger. 
Being able to mix two of my favorite things together always excites me. 
Even if I am bad at first, I will slowly discover more and learn more. 

I most probably mix a lot kind of music since I listened to a lot of genre and language. 
Mostly would be based on K-pop song of course. 
Hope you guys will like it and show me a lot of your love. 
Enjoy your stories!! ^^ 


I decide to officially change the title into "Inspired"
After almost 1 year and 6 months with the title "Inspired by Music", I decide to change it.
The main reason was that I started to write whatever that comes to mind and some I would like to show you guys.
The other reason is because I think since I am learning to be a scriptwriter (As a broadcasting major we need to learn to write script but I fell in love more), more ideas come to mind and I started to write back Poems, started to write scenes, possibilities of a story and stuff so I don't want to limit my creativity by only writing according to music.
I hope I can post any of my poem or better stories for you guys in future.
And I hope I can show you guys my growth as a writer through this one-shot collection. 
Thank you for subscribing, reading, comment and the support. 



♪ Inspired by Music 

One: I Almost Do | Featuring: Yoseob (Beast)/OC 

Two: Pray | Featuring: Mir(MBLAQ)/OC

Three: Don't Want To Be An Idol | Featuring: Minhyuk (BTOB)/OC

Four: No No No | Featuring: Beast/OC

Five: Clenching My Tight Fist | Featuring: Gikwang (Beast)/OC

Six: First Snow, First Kiss | Featuring: Dongwoon (Beast)/OC

Seven: There's A Rumor | Featuring: Yoseob (Beast)/OC

Eight: I Don't Want To Fight (No More) | Featuring: Doojoon (Beast)/OC

Nine: 1004 (Angel) | Featuring: Daehyun (B.A.P)/OC

Ten: You and I | Featuring: Hyunseung (Beast)/OC

Eleven: Singing Got Better | Featuring: Junhyung (Beast)/OC

Twelve: Miracle In December | Featuring: Baekhyun (EXO)/OC

Thirteen: You'll Be Alright | Featuring: Ilhoon (BTOB)/OC

Fourteen: Goodbye | Featuring: Yoseob (Beast)/OC

Fifteen: Fate (Destiny Love) | Featuring: Hongbin (VIXX)/OC

Sixteen: Hopeless Love | Featuring: Ravi (VIXX)/OC

Seventeen: Love Letter | Featuring: Leo (VIXX)/OC

Eighteen: Touch Love | Featuring: Dongwoon (Beast)/OC

Nineteen: Blossom Tears | Featuring: Leo (VIXX)/OC

Twenty: G.R.8.U | Featuring: N (VIXX)/OC

Twenty-One: Dance With You | Featuring: Doojoon (Beast)/OC

Twenty-Two: From Now On, You're Mine | Featuring: Hyuk(VIXX)/OC

Twenty-Three: Break Up With Him | Featuring: Hyunseung (Beast)/OC

Twenty-Four: Just A Kiss | Featuring: Leo (VIXX)/OC

Twenty-Five: Be Alright | Featuring: Junhyung (Beast)/OC

Twenty-Six: Girls, Why | Featuring: Ken (VIXX)/OC

Twenty-Seven: U R | Featuring: Yoseob (Beast)/OC

Twenty-Eight: When I See You | Featuring: Ken (VIXX)/OC

Twenty-Nine: I'll Always Remember You | Featuring: HyunSeung/OC

Thirty: Touch Love (Fan version) | Featuring: Any Idols/You

Thirty-One: Sad Ending | Featuring: N (VIXX)/OC

Thirty-Two: Pray That I'll Be Your Man | Featuring: Minhyuk and BTOB/OC

Thirty-three: Romance Has Ended | Featuring: Leo (VIXX)/OC

Thirty-four: Sunflower | Featuring: Yoseob (Highlight)/OC

Thirty-five: Home Alone | Featuring: Ravi (VIXX)/OC

♫ Poems

One: Lie(s)

Two: Heart♥

Three: Darkness In Me

Four: I'm Fine

★ Inspired

One: emotioN | Featuring: N(VIXX)/OC

Two: Promise | Featuring: Yoseob (Highlight)/OC

Three: "Friends" | Featuring: Hyuk (VIXX)/OC

Four: Dream | Featuring: Hyuk (VIXX)/OC

Five: Piano Prince | Featuring: Dongwoon (Highlight)/OC

Six: Listener | Featuring: Gikwang (Highlight)/OC


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_b2utifulb2uty #1
Chapter 44: Why everyone are writing such cute stories for new year xDDD
_b2utifulb2uty #2
Chapter 43: Some sentences here hit me hard ._. But how to love ourselves when we keep on thinking abt the other first? How to stop these negative thoughts? How to trust people when we didnt even trust ourselves? Yes sometimes im a listener to the others but when it comes to my problems i didnt hve the courage to tell ppl even my besties..its not that i didnt trust them but im afraid of what they will say abt it.. at this moment i really feels like wanna run from everyone T____T sorry for the ranting but this chapter somehow hit my deep feels T___T
_b2utifulb2uty #3
Chapter 42: Idk a thg about piano but this is sweet asgsgssjkshdu dongwoon as a cold bully prince GOSH AGAGSSHSJSHSKJS 고마워용~ //하트 뿅뿅!//
_b2utifulb2uty #4
Chapter 42: WHY IS THIS HAVE TO BE SO SAD!!!!!!WHHYYYYYYYYYYYㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Shannonlkc95 #5
Chapter 39: Yeokshi unniee jiang jiang !! ?? all the feels i get while reading it !! ??
_b2utifulb2uty #6
_b2utifulb2uty #7
Chapter 37: That plot twist...i really didnt see that coming OTLLL //weeping//
_b2utifulb2uty #8
Chapter 35: A serious long oneshot ever
_b2utifulb2uty #9
Chapter 34: This is the first vampire fanfic that i read till the end ;;________;; know what ..i am REALLY not a fan of vampire or dracula fics lol xDD but this one....make me read till the end T______T and even worse make me cry xDD i love ittttt TvT
Chapter 33: I know how the fangirls out there feel.. Well, it is hard to stop being a fangirl though.. I had thinking to slow down or stop being a fangirl before.. But it is hard to do since there is nothing else I should do and I don't have many friends to talk, so that is why.. Even I have slow down for being a fangirl, but when it comes to SS501, I can't control myself and get excited when recently they make their comeback after a long hiatus.. Even when it just 3 members, but still, it is so meaningful to me as Triple S.. Oh and, I love my fandom since they are like my family and we always support each other.. So that is why it is hard to stop being a fangirl..

I should quit for being a fangirl one day once I got married.. Maybe I will just listening to their songs and watch K-drama and Running Man..