“Taeyeon-ah.” A voice called.

~~ Oh my Fany Fany Tiffany, you are so beautiful.

Thought the blonde small girl who’s staring into a magazine which has a stunning and dashing girl in the cover.

“Tae-ah. Yohoooo.” Sooyoung said while waving her hands in front of taeyeon.

~~ Stunning and Gorgeous. You’re my angel.


~~ Mhhhh,,,, that y of yours is so uhm.

“KIM TAEYEON!!!!!!!!!!”

Taeyeon jumped from her seat.

“Huh, what?” she looked at sooyoung questionably.

“What!? You tell me Kim Taeyeon. I’ve been calling you for like 10 minutes.”

Taeyeon realized it.

“Yah! You disturbed my moment with my princess.” She said while glaring at sooyoung.

“Like duh,, you were fantasizing her again. And look, are you drooling? Eeew.” Sooyoung grimaced.

Taeyeon unconsciously wiped her drool. She glared at sooyoung who is laughing her guts out.

“Pfft,, like you are not fantasizing your Ice Princess yourself.” Taeyeon rolled her eyes.

Sooyoung smiled, held her chest and stared at the ceiling dreamily.

“Uh, yes. My gorgeous Ice Princess.” Sooyoung said dreamily.

Taeyeon scoffed and slap sooyoung arm.

“Aw, what was that?!” sooyoung said while rubbing her arms.

Taeyeon just merong-ed her.

“Pfft,,, come on let’s go to school.” Taeyeon said.







“Ahh! Prince Taeyeon, be my girlfriend!”

“Ahh! Prince Sooyoung, be my girlfriend!”


“Prince Sooyoung, be mine!”

“Prince Taeyeon, you’re so handsome and pretty!”


Taeyeon just smirked hearing those words coming from the students in her school.

They are walking in the hallway of the school making their way to their room. It’s the first day of school in her last year in Soshi High. She was branded as ‘Prince Taeyeon’ because of her looks and she is the sole heiress of Kim Group of Companies.

Same goes with Sooyoung, her bestfriend, who is also branded as ‘Prince Sooyoung’ because of her looks and she is also the sole heiress of the Choi Group of Companies.

Taeyeon felt an intense stare at her so she browsed her surroundings. She knows everyone’s stare is at them but this particular stare is different.

Then she found the stare, it was a girl with thick glasses.

Taeyeon stared at those eyes. They stared at each other’s eyes.


Dug Tug Dug Tug


Taeyeon held her chest.

~~ Huh, what is this?

She took a deep breath and ignored the girl. She continued walking.


Who is she??



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