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( warning : Contain scene and a failure )Luhan look around the big room in shock. "Wow........manager hyung chose a great hotel,nae?" Luhan said. Kris smiled and said "So, you like it?". "Very much" Luhan answer with a grin. "So, Who is with Baozi? " he added. "He is with Lay. and Tao with Chen" Kris replied. ( Guys, for the room arrangedment, I only wrote a bout Exo - M, OK??? All 12 of them went to LA, I knew it, rt?)" That's unfair, that Baozi and Unicorn will gossip about me" Luhan said and looked the other with a sad face. " So, you wanna stay with them? It's okay, Don't mind me. You can go"  Kris said. "ah,umm..m" Luhan thought for awhile. ( Don't act like a gentleman, Wu Yi Fan. You have been waiting for this day since you were a trainee ) Kris said these words to himself and was spacing out. "Dui-zhang??"  "Duizhang!!!" Luhan almost shouted and shook Kris's shoulder. "hmm...yes? Sorry,Lu.. I was just thinking.." Kris replied. "Thinking what?" Luhan put his arms on his chest and tapped his feet. "ahaha...think...thinking about my part in Growl.. yes... haha my part" Kris nervously laughed. "humph, WEIRDO...."  Luhan got out of from his seat. "Anyway, I will shower first, Is that okay?" he added. "Sure, go ahead" Kris said, grabbing his luggage.

While Luhan was showering, Kris can't help his imagination the the latter, standing in front of him without any fabrics on. " ! " he cursed. Kris's POV : I know I shouldn't think him like that but I can't help. I love him. I ing love him... Should I confess my feelings for him, tonight? And, how would other exo's members see me? A homo?  Am I too late? What if Hunhan's lovey dovey fan-service thing is true??? !!! End of POV.Kris was spacing out for along time, thinking about this and that!! Finally he realized someone is in front of him! It was Luhan, with a towel on his waist.(How come I didn't notice he was here? )..Kris blame himself mentally."Lu, when did you get out?" he asked. "Seriously, Kris? Are you sick or what? I was just talking to you. Don't tell me that you didn't catch all" Luhan scolded Kris. "Sorry, Can you repeat that?" asked Kris. "Now, Give, this, pill card, to, Tao" Luhan answered one word by one word. "He asked me for it in the car but i forgot to give,so, can you help me?" he added. "Sure, gimme that" with that, Kris left the room. !Knock Knock! Chen opened the door and shouted! "Ayooo!!! Wat up Krease!!?" "Ayo,Trolling machine Chen Chen, where is TAO??"...

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hyacinth14 #1
woah, Krishan...........
OMG. i don't know what to say.
can i have the pleasure to translate this fic into Vietnamese with full link and credits?
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update soon ><
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im looking forward to this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ