My Gangster Boyfriend Completed!

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Kim Myungsoo, YOU, Infinite, + Minhee, Jin Ae (fictional)


Now that things in your life and school ...

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Hello everyone! Since, the fanfic My Secret Prince Is a Gangster won the poll garnering 200+ votes and many are asking me already, due to public demand, I made a sequel to it! Thanks so much for participating the poll!

I hope you will Subscribe and Keep the sweet and inspiring comments coming!~

*Don't be shy to put your name or any name you like when a ~~~~~~~~ appears. Think of it as you!~ ^^*

I wanted to thank mushiemonster for making the awesome poster and background! ^_^   


If you haven't read the first one yet click on the poster below and read it. Then read this Sequel! ^_^v



New Boyfriend, New Friends, New Best friend, New Enemy and New Rival?


1st Semester on your new school is going to end. 

2nd Semester is going to start, a new friend will arrive and problems will come one by one...






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eriskaf () says about chapter 42:
I enjoy it...thank you sharing this story to us

camyeollie () says about chapter 42:
I enjoyed the story very much! Myungsoo was sooo sweet :))) Good job authornim! Fighting~ ^^

normalgirl () says about chapter 41:
Can I go and jump. From Khalifa tour and come back .... It's sooooooo cute story ..... Love myungsoo :* as you to author-nim xoxo

Happy_Virus_Wolf_88 () says about chapter 42:
Wahh~ This story is daebak!! Trilogy pleaseee~ XD /is killed/ huehue < 3 Lovely story author nim fighting~!

CuteKittens1212 () says about chapter 42:
: waaah, daebaak! i like your story. why dont you do the sequel? i need to know , are they going to married ? hahahah, lavsyaa !

fyingga () says about chapter 42:
Aww!! This is so cute. I love this story so much!!>w<

Love_dolls () says about chapter 42:
i'm gonna miss this are so amazing authornim...~^O^~

Shereen_JiaYi () says about chapter 42:
Dang it . This story is really really adorable .. I'm glad i found this story . Author-nim , U have done a very good job . //THUMBS UP//

lil2hi21 () says about chapter 42:
awwww >.< this is really cute :3 keep up the awesome work and thanks for making a sequel :D *you're the best ^^

intanesmelia () says:
Daebakkkkkkkkkkkkkk XD

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