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My Gangster Boyfriend


Now that things in your life and school ...

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Hello everyone! Since, the fanfic My Secret Prince Is a Gangster won the poll garnering 200+ votes and many are asking me already, due to public demand, I made a sequel to it! Thanks so much for participating the poll!

I hope you will Subscribe and Keep the sweet and inspiring comments coming!~

*Don't be shy to put your name or any name you like when a ~~~~~~~~ appears. Think of it as you!~ ^^*

I wanted to thank mushiemonster for making the awesome poster and background! ^_^   


If you haven't read the first one yet click on the poster below and read it. Then read this Sequel! ^_^v



New Boyfriend, New Friends, New Best friend, New Enemy and New Rival?


1st Semester on your new school is going to end. 

2nd Semester is going to start, a new friend will arrive and problems will come one by one...






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DaeNaekkoya #1
Chapter 9: That witch with a capital B instead of a w !!!! @:
sweetypiee #2
Chapter 25: AHHHH fluff<3
sweetypiee #3
Chapter 22: eyhhhhhhhhhhh I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE KIM MYUNGSOO
sweetypiee #4
Chapter 18: :( i knew itttttttttt
sweetypiee #5
MickeyMinnie12345 #6
Please continue writing! I will read and support you!!! I have a nice time reading your story!
Tixonery #7
Chapter 42: Dear writter. Again i see myself reading your fics. I went back to the first story just to understand this one. This one is better written although still with some minor errors. I loved it. It's sooooo cute! Love the way you made de story with the happy ending! Oh yes! Guess what: I'm going to read the rest of your other stories! Hehehe <3 thank you so much for this!
glinda_v #8
Chapter 42: wahh~~good story!!
b2uty_inspirit_angel #9
Chapter 42: It would be great if there's a sequel
Ilovekyuhyun23 #10
Chapter 42: Kyaaaaaa so cute~~~!!! >.<