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My Gangster Boyfriend


Now that things in your life and school ...

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Hello everyone! Since, the fanfic My Secret Prince Is a Gangster won the poll garnering 200+ votes and many are asking me already, due to public demand, I made a sequel to it! Thanks so much for participating the poll!

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I wanted to thank mushiemonster for making the awesome poster and background! ^_^   


If you haven't read the first one yet click on the poster below and read it. Then read this Sequel! ^_^v



New Boyfriend, New Friends, New Best friend, New Enemy and New Rival?


1st Semester on your new school is going to end. 

2nd Semester is going to start, a new friend will arrive and problems will come one by one...






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beautifuljoongie #1
So sweet ''
xoxo0605 #2
Chapter 41: Too sweet for me to handle . Argh >< I really enjoy your story . Daebak !
velyrra #3
Chapter 42: So sad it ended so fast :(
hanlyn07 #4
Chapter 41: Cute (*^﹏^*)
s_ab_hun #5
Chapter 42: really different from other stories and i never expected the twist in the sequel!! n_n authornim daebakk!! :-)
babyjongdae #6
Chapter 42: Love this fiction and its prequel. Good job but still there are several misspell or gramatical errors. But its okay, your great story line made it up.
Chamyungna #7
Chapter 41: Myungsooo~ good story authooor!!!!
emily01 #8
I remember this story like the back of my head!!! I love it, and now i,'m going to read again....
inawzzah #9
Chapter 42: Ahh~~ the story is sooooooo sweet! Write more author-nim ^-^
kikielina_ #10
Chapter 41: aaahhh... i really love this story to the moon...