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♫ d i n o ☁ b e a t ♫ GRAPHIC SHOP || HIATUS feat. SHINee - main story image


If you're breathing, you're welcomed


sorry for not having a super duper awesome layout like last time...and for such a long hiatus...mian...

Welcome to dino ☁ beat Graphic Shop!
We post posters (animated as well), backgrounds, banners, etc etc etc!
Our goal is to do our best and satisfy our requestors!



|R U L E S|

o1.  Please subscribe first! This is the only way you will know whether your request has been completed or not! Upvotes motivate us <3
o2. Be nice! It is okay to be critical but do not put our designers in a bad mood.
o3. Do not rush us. Your posters aren't going to turn out fabulous.
o4. When you pick up your graphic(s), please upload it onto your own hosting site! We are not responsible for losts of graphics. If you don't know how, please ask.
o5. Comment below when you request AND after you pick up your request so we can cross you off our list!
o6. If you're going to link us your own pictures, please provide HQ only. No selcas, no LQ, nothing except HQ!!! We will change them if they don't pass the requirements.
o7. Make sure to credit us! We've worked very hard on your graphics, it would be super sad if you just uploaded them. This batch, we will constantly check if you have credited our graphics. Also, please USE them too! It's a waste of our time if we were to make a poster for you and you never use it.
o8. Request more than once! We're happy to see returning customers <3 But please do not request if you already have a poster. To be honest, it's a waste of time.
o9. Don't like your poster? Ask for a redo! Max of 2.
o1o. Pick a designer who is available. Which means DON'T pick a designer who has busy next to their name.



|E X A M P L E S|



|S T A F F | A V A I L A B I L I T Y|



genres preferred: anything 
weak genres: none (so far)
animation: yes
bias: dinosaurs
posters, backgrounds, banners, you name it 

genres preferred: angst, romance, comedy 
weak genres: none
animation: no
bias: exo chen
posters, backgrounds, banners

genres preferred: darker themes - fantasy, supernatural, drama, angst and such
weak genres: romance, Rom-com, fluffy, anything cute & squishy
animation: no
bias: mblaq and dbsk
posters, backgrounds, banners

genres preferred: angst, romance, sad, horror, fantasy 
weak genres: cute, happy
animation: no
bias: yoona
posters, backgrounds, banners

genres preferred: sad, angst, dark, romance 
weak genres: cute, fluffy
animation: no
bias: exo and f(x)
posters, backgrounds, banners





|R E Q U E S T| L I S T|


-dahephapZICO | 3 Emotionless Souls | poster; bg | svnnydays


-Eksoow | Let Me In | poster; bg | shin-oppa


-LilArmy | It's Called Karma, Zico!!! | poster; bg | svnnydays


-Phimyeol | You Wanted It! | poster; bg | svnnydays


-mad_asli | What is The Matter? | poster | undecided








|B L A C K |L I S T E D|




>Graphics Form<

>Staff Form<



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daehyunwife637 () says:
how do you pick up a poster???

mad_asli () says:
I want to cancel my request. sorry

istillloveyou () says:
I'll have to cancel my request. Mianhe~

istillloveyou () says:
I've requested! ^o^

magicalramen () says:
Do you do gore/horror photoshop for FB dp?

Eksoow () says about chapter 4:
*Q* wow, thank you so much! :D

mad_asli () says:
I'm so excited:)

dahephapZICO () says about chapter 5:
yay~ thank you ^^ love it. as always thanks for your hard work and the time you've put into the poster ^^

Phimyeol () says:
i have requested :3

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