I Love You More [oneshot]

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Unrequited love may be the purest form of love, but it has its own price.


This is a break from writing "You Own Me." Multi-chaptered stories can be a bit tiring. ^^


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layan987 #1
Chapter 1: this is amazing even its soooo sad,but this is love after all,thank you soooo much for sharing us this beautiful story.
Leah3k #2
Chapter 1: This is so... So... So like everything I love to read. I don't even know why o keep doing this to my self, but it was perfect. I really liked it <3
Chapter 1: Owh!! This is so sad but amazing and i love it...
pologirl0611 #4
Chapter 1: This was so sad and so amazing....oh the ending killed me
caramelcrush #5
Chapter 1: this is a good read, i must say.

although this was written in first person POV, i guess most of us would have guessed the poor character at the losing end is donghae. a sequel would be nice. perhaps to show the final outcome of this unrequited love - a better ending for donghae.

but then again, i like how this ended as well. because there are countless of cases as such and for all we know, they continue to drown themselves in such relationships for the false comfort and affection. all because they fell in love and emotionally weak to let it go.

boredhousewife #6
Chapter 1: This is well-written. Interesting take, too.
Liz_K06 #7
Chapter 1: God... this was so sad, the final sentence killed me... poor baby Hae,my heart hurts.
JungMaeRi #8
Chapter 1: i wonder whether it's donghae or hyukjae who loves... love... unrequited love..
MiYoung95 #9
Chapter 1: Why so brutal Hyukkie? :O