Short Story: YamaChii- Naka naide,Sayounara


          ~YamaChii~ <3

Suki desu! Itsumo!

Yamada to Chinen


sugu... Ai-ing


          Chinen was sitting alone in his room. Seeing the view outside the window of his room. Have nothing to do, and he didn't know what are playing inside his mind. He kept thinking of Yamada. Not long after that, heard Arashi's song from his cell phone. He got a message, it was Yamada ne~! 
           " Chii... See me at the usual place... I wait for YOU~" he said. A smile etched on his lips. He took his jacket and get ready to see Chinen. 
In the park......
           Chinen waited for Yamada at the usual place, under a tree of the largest, most high and shady in that park. He waited for Yamada patiencely.
           " Etoo... Where is Yamada?" He had begun to worry. 
           " CHINENNNNNNNNNNN..........!!!!!!!!" Yamada cried,surprising him. He has made Chinen shock.
           " ARRRRGGGHHHHH.......!!!!" Chinen cried surprisely. 
           " HAHHAHAHA......" Yamada laughed loudly. 
           " BAKA NA~!!!! Yama_chan~!!!!" Chinen said, still in shock. Yamada still laughing at him. 
           " Daikirai..." he said and starting make his face like a little kid. 
           " Cho KAWAII...!!!" Yamada said and hugged Chinen. Kissed him on his cheek. No response from Chinen. 
           " Chii??" Yamada looked at him. Chinen didn't aswered his called. Just stood in front of him like a statue. 
           " Nani kore naa??" Yamada asked him again. Starting to worry. Yamada lifted Chinen's face. Chinen just looked at him,nothing to say. But, after that, he smiled at Yamada. A very cute smile appeared. 
           " Haha... nani?" Chinen asked him, funny to see Yamada's responsed.
           " Don't make that face again..." Yamada said to him. 
           " You can surprising me, but why I can't to do it so on you? Hahaa... Baka..." Chinen replied and sticked out his tongue to Yamada. Yamada only smiled at him, happy to see Chinen smiled at him. 
           " Hahh!!" Yamada cried suddenly. 
           " Ano...." It sounded like....
           " The STRAWBERRYS seller!!!!" Chinen said, looked at Yamada. It was Yamada's favourite, STRAWBERRYS.....
           " I want some~!!" Yamada said and ran to that seller. 
           " Hwahh.... Sugoi.... Strawberrys with chocolate ne~" Then, Yamada bought it for two of them. Yamada ate the strawberry happily. Chinen still looking at him, loved to him being like that, so kawaii. Then, they sat under the big tree. Yamada laid down his head on Chinen's thigh, and closed his eyes. Cool breeze blew at him. 
           " Yama_Chan!!! Snows...!!!" Chinen said to him. Yamada opened his eyes. Yes... It's true... Snows have came down. Yamada and Chinen smiled widely and felt very happy. Yamada stood in the middle of that park. Stretched both of his arms and sang happily. He felt very happy on that day, not only because that winter has came, but because Chinen is at him side, his love. 
           " Sugoi...." he said happily. 
           " Yama_chan~!!!" Chinen called him and ran towards him, opened his jacket and wore it for Yamada. 
           " Ehh... nani??' Yamada said in surprised. 
           " Yama_chan... I think better we go home now. It seem like it's going to be cold at here.*coughing*" Chinen said. Yamada only nodded. After that, they went home together. On the way going home, Chinen asked Yamada something. 
           " Yama_chan... Do you love me?" he asked suddenly. 
           " Of course I love you,Chii... Daisuki da..." Yamada answered honestly,sincerely.
           " Will you love me no matter what happen? *coughing*" Chinen asked him again. Yamada stopped walking, looked right at Chinen and stared directly into his eyes.
           " Chii... No matter what happen, I will always loving you... Aieru..." Yamada confessed to him. Chinen smiled sweetly to him.
           " Yama_chan... My family and I will go to Osaka, on this Saturday. I don't know when will I back to here? So, just wait for me huh?" 
           " Hai~ ^^" he replied and smiled at him. 
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------           At home... 
           Chinen is laid on his bed,looking at the ceiling. Tears dripping out of his eyes,crying alone in his room,no one knew. 
           " Yamada..." Yamada's name came out from his mouth. He opened the drawer,beside his bed. He took a green file from the drawer. He opened the file slowly, inside it have a paper. He took the paper out, and looked at it once.
           " Yama_chan... Anata ga suki desu... Yamada, possiblely I will leave you forever, and you will losing me. Yama_chan, I want you to know that I love you...* coughing*" He started to cough again and he felt very cold. He covered himself with the blanket. He was coughing badly again. Fortunately, he didn't coughing badly in front of Yamada. He didn't want Yamada to get worry of him. He is started coughing again, but now is worse than before. He can't stop it. He continued coughing and coughing again. Oh GOD~! BLOOD!!! His hand is fulled of blood. He woke up from his bed, want to go to the washroom. But,after he stood up, he felt all are blank in his sight and then.....
           On the next day...
           Yamada seems alone in the class. Hard to read his note. But, actually,he felt that something going wrong. He didn't know what. He looked at his watch,it was already 10 a.m.. But, from just now, he didn't see Chinen at anywhere. As usual, at 9.30 a.m., Chinen already get ready in the class with his note in his hand. But, today... Chinen was not there. Chinen never came late to school and always present to school. Yamada started to worry about Chinen. A few minutes later, Yuto came into the classroom. 
           " Yamada!! Something bad happened on Chinen!! He is at the hospital now!!" Yuto said to him, sound panicked.
           " NANI???!!!!" Without thinkinng, he got his bag and ran out from that class. The only he knew is, he wanted to see Chinen immediately. 
           At the hospital...
           " Where can I see Chinen?!" asked Yamada in rushed.After the nurse told him, he quickly ran as fast as he could. After reached in the ward, Chinen is laid on the ward's bed. Seemed very weak, his face looked fulled of pain and his face looked pale. Yamada felt like want to cry. He didn't want to see Chinen suffering like that. Lastly, tears dripping out of his eyes.
           " Chii...." he said. Seemed Chinen moved a little bit from his place,facing to Yamada. Tried to smile at him. Yamada walked slowly towards him. His face is moistened by the tears. 
           " Yama_chan... Naka naide...*coughing*" Chinen said weakly. He wiped the tears on Yamada's face. 
           " Why didn't you tell me?! Doue?! Why didn't you tell me that you are having liver cancer??! Doue?! Tell me, Chii.. Tell me!!" Yamada said, he felt very sad. 
           " Yama_chan... Gomen nasai... I didn't want to tell y-you... be-because... I d-didn't want worry about me... G-gomen, Yama_chan... Y-ya-ya-ya...." Chinen felt hard to breathe. Chinen pulled Yamada's clothes, he tried to say something to Yamada. Yamada tried to listen on him. 
           " Ya-ya-ma...chan.... I..w-want y-you to know... w-wa-watashi wa...k-kimi g-ga suki d-desu n-ne...." 
           "Chii... You can't leave me!! Don't leave me naa!! I...I love you too,Chii...!!" Yamada said,crying hardly.
           " It's too late al-already...Y-yama_c-chan..." Chinen replied, felt hard to breathe. 
           " N-naka n-naide.... S-sayou-nara..." His eyes is closed. Seem tears is on his cheek. 
          " Chii?? Chii?? CHIIIIIINNNNEEEENNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yamada cried. No answer from him. Just laying on the bed like a statue. Chinen has left him forever. His love... Left him in that room, crying out loud. He felt very sad, tears dripping out fastly. Only God knew how sad he was... Chinen has closed his eyes forever, and never opened it again for him... His lips, will not smile sweetly again to him. Yamada looked at Chinen's face. And, slowly he kissed his lips, the first kissed and the last kissed of them. SAYOUNARA... 
********************************************************THE END*********************************************************************


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xxminamiloverxx #2
um.. where did you get that photo??
heysayluv #3
Even though Yama-chan is gay in this story, I feel sooooo bad right now~~~~ This is sad :'(
Esah_95 #4
@springjasmine91: hahah... many of the readers comment like it... <br />
<br />
you actually suspect what happen between them??
springjasmine91 #5
CHii died.......TTT_TTT beautiful~sad.....i love it~
Esah_95 #6
comment please.... ^^