Chapter 1

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Soon after the kidnapping , Sehun awoke with a start. He noticed his eyes were covered with a black cloth and he wasn't able to move his hands and feet. It felt as if he was in a moving vehicle. Sehun shivered as the memories of last night came back to him. The blood, the death, the strange man.Silent tears slid down Sehun's face as he remembered his fathers death. "A-a-appa, why did u leave me" Sehun cried out loud earning attention from the man sitting in front he front seat of the van.

"So your finally awake kid" the old man smirked. Sehun turned towards the direction the voice was coming from "Who, who are you?"

"Lee Soo Man's the name, but how about you. What's your name, kid?" "The-thehun" Sehun replied his lisp getting in the way. "Alright Thehun, we're here" Sehun honestly didn't care to correct the man on his name, he just wanted to know where here was.

The door to the van opened and Sehun was grabbed by the arm quite harshly and yanked down. The rope at his feet was untied and his blindfold was removed only to reveal where he was. Before Sehun's eyes was an old broken down wood building that seemed abandoned from the outside, oh how Sehun was wrong about that.

As Sehun went inside hundreds of people could be seen behind a transparent curtain that hung by the entrance. "Be quiet kid and you won't get hurt..too bad" the SooMan guy told Sehun. Sehun could only nod ,but what he really wanted to do was beg the man to tell him why he had killed his father and to take him back to his home.

Sehun could only turn and look at the floor as he was pushed and handed into an even scarier man whose hands felt as if they could kill Sehun in a second. "Looks like you found more slaves, SooMan. This one is a bit young isn't he?" the entrance guard asked. SooMan just shrugged it off and replied "Well, hes nice and fresh, you should be able to get quite a lot of thousands for him" The guard just nodded and led the young boy away from SooMan and down into a dark dungeon sort of room filled with other kids a lot older then him. They looked about 10-16.  

"I want you to strip now" the guard ordered Sehun. Sehun just stood there confused of what the man was ordering.The 7-year-old had definitely never heard of the word strip before and just kept thinking of what the word meant. As he was thinking he was picked up and thrown across the room and hit a wall. Sehun whimpered as pain exploded across his head."Didn't you hear me kid,strip! Take of your damn cloths." Realization hit Sehun and he scurried away from the man scared of what he would do. The man was getting quite pissed at the boys actions and just grabbed onto his leg and ripped his cloths off and replaced them with black shorts. You better not act like this again or your definitely not just gonna be throw against the wall. Sehun nodded and shaked of the pain coming from his head and limped towards the corner of the room and hid his head between his knees.

A boy across the room was watching the entire incident un-fold and walked over to Sehun to see if he was alright. "Umm are you alright, that hit you took against the wall looked quite painful" Sehun looked up to find a tall blonde boy that looked about 10 with the worry in his eyes obvious. Sehun just nodded and looked down to the dirty cement floor. "Hi, My names Kris, and you are?" the older asked and Sehun simply just wrote his name on the ground with his finger through all the dust. " Se-Sehun, is that write, sorry I can't read korean too well I'm from China." This caught Sehuns attention and looked up to look at the boy again and took in the slight differences. "Yeah, thats my name.Umm do you by any chance know where we are". Kris explained how he heard from the older kids that this was an auction house and they were to be sold to these blood ers. Tears slid down Sehun's cheeks once again and Kris simply just comforted him.

Two hours had gone by and the two had become good friends talking about there lives before. Sehun learned that Kris's parents were also killed for some unknown reason and he was kidnapped and hes been here for about 2 days now. Apparently today was the day of the auction and Sehun remembered those hundreds of people behind the curtain waiting to buy any on- Sehuns thoughts were interupted as a lady with pale skin came in and started tying bracelets  around the childrens wrists. The lady was quite harsh with some and gentle with others. Soon the lady appeared before Sehun and Kris and grabbed there wrists. The bracelets had a number and there names written on them. Kris: 234. Sehun: 235. The two boys looked at each other and sighed knowing there time together was coming to an end. The two were actually the most calm in the room others had been crying non-stop since Sehun had came and some were even trying kill themselves somehow and not succeeding. The boys were honestly not thinking about there future and just tried to enjoy there few moments together.

"Numbers 230 to 240 come line up now!" The same guard that had thrown Sehun yelled. Sehun didn't want that to happen again and just lined up beside Kris without any struggle. The 10 people soon to be sold were led behind a stage where a loud voice boomed through the speakers hanging against the wall "Number 230 please step up onto the stage"There was some hesitation but the line kept on moving as everyone was being sold. The boy in front of Kris looked to be about his age and was shaking with nerves. "Are you alright" Kris asked "Well, I don't think so" the boy whispered under his breath. "Don't be so tense, who knows, god might answer your prayers. Whats your name? Mines Kris and this here is Sehun" Kris said pointing towards Sehun. "Oh its Yo-Yoseob"' "Number 233 please step onto stage" Yoseob gulped and looked at Kris and Sehun "FIGHTING!" the two encouraged and Yoseob nodded and disappeared behind the curtain. 

"Number 234 please step on stage" Kris hesitated and looked at Sehun "Lets meet again one day, promise?" Kris took out his pinky finger and Sehun wrapped his own around it "Promise!" Kris winked and also disappeared through the curtain. Sehun was quite nervous now that Kris was gone. Through the curtain he could hear a loud voice saying SOLD. Sehun let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding. Once again a loud voice boomed through the speakers.

"Number 235, please step onto the stage" Sehun took a deep breath and disappeared behind the curtain.


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