Caught in Your Crazy Love Game


You could pretty much say that this story revolved around with what people called as a one-sided love. It was when one's love wasn't returned or was simply rejected. This applied so much to Hwang Saera. She experienced it, but due to her competitive nature, she wouldn't give up trying until she got what she deserved in return — Luhan's love.


"Fine. How about this? I would let you go and stop loving you only if you're able to beat me in the final exam. This is kind of like a game. There's a winner and a loser."

"If I'm the winner in the end, you'll stay away from me?"

"Forever if you want."

"Game on."


c h a r a c t e r s

Her; Hwang Saera || Saera The Game Creator « 18 years old »
Him; Lu Han || Luhan
The Game Player « 18 years old »

i n f o

STORY TITLE « Caught in Your Crazy Love Game / initially Stuck in Your Crazy Love Game »
AUTHOR « jpgmingyu »
CREDITS « Old poster — jishooua { Thank you so much, Babe ♥ } »
DATE STARTED « 7th August 2013 »
DATE FINISHED « 9th June 2015 »
DATE FEATURED « 10th October 2014 / Luhan's lawsuit date
STATUS « Completed »
AUTHOR'S NOTE « I actually wanted Kai to be the main character here but Luhan kept on popping in my head... Both fitted the character so much but Luhan just had to overpower Kai. Anyway, this fic was inspired by my best friend's comic book that I had once read about 3 years ago (?). So I hope the storyline is good enough. Subscribers, comments and upvotes are much loved and appreciated! And please do not plagiarize in any way possible! I'm watching you! »

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Belongs to jpgmingyu, 2013. All Rights Reserved. Do not plagiarize.

17.12.14 || so the results are in and most of you wanted me to decide. since majority wanted a change, i decided going with that. happy reading! ♥

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exoinguk #1
Chapter 35: This is so good. Glad you didnt make chaeri the antagonist. And luhan was so cute when he know about the 'truth' awwwww
wanxinyan #2
Chapter 35: Back again to reread this story, I forgot to mention that I loved all the little posts you will put at the end of the story it was very amusing thank you! ^^
Chapter 35: So cute!! I wouldn't mind rereading this again!!
wanxinyan #4
Chapter 35: Omg beautiful story with a freaking cute plot, and super fluffy scenes thank yous to much for this story!
43 streak #5
Chapter 35: Your fanfics are really well written! I cried during one part...
Please keep writing!
43 streak #6
Chapter 2: Lol- Chaeri's really kind! I thought she and Saera would hate each other from early on...
Exotic91 #7
Chapter 35: Perfect! I absolutely loved it. The transition was so smooth. I literally watched them grow to love each other. Throughout various parts of the story my heart was clenching so bad but the 'I'll move on' scene really made me cry. And THEN, the volleyball scene was epic followed by the squealworthy storeroom scene. I was literally grinning like a fool. I'm so glad to have found your story ^0^ Fantastic job <3
keiracrean #8
Chapter 35: Oh my god!!!!best fanfic in the whole world............i am presently having my graduation exam and were going to have am exam by monday with history, geography, economic,politics and disaster read for like 2am and woke up at 5am to read it....but ...never ever regetting it although its my nth time reading fic....
Chapter 35: Second time I'm reading this and it's still adorable as the first time I read it~
Kryptonite_6190 #10
Chapter 35: I love this story so much. ;-;
This is aboutmy second or third time reading it.