♡30 days of being a slave♡

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Big Bang's popularity is going downhill. Their fans are slowly leaving, one by one.

Each day their money profit is declining.

They have no hope left, unless one fan can help. You. You can help Big Bang, by giving them money. No, not giving them money but buying them.

You bought the Big Bang boy band for 30 days. In those 30 days, you use them as slaves. They belong to you now, so why not? Plus, you're their biggest fan.

They have no clue who they've been sold to.

You're their biggest fan. You love every single one of them. Ok, so maybe you have a slight bias towards Top and G-dragon.



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bingubae #1
Aren't you going to update? TT-TT
heynare #2
Chapter 7: update plsss ♥
heynare #3
Chapter 7: update plsss ♥
cupcake17 #4
Chapter 7: finally, taeyang is back,
thank you for update
blarrg #5
i like this, and i like the new direction of it! please keep updating!
uniken #6
Chapter 7: Omo you have to update I am addicted to this story as weird as it may be but haters may hte
TeyMommy #7
Chapter 7: awwwwww..............
please.... let bae fall in love with her.... :3
ozwalkr #8
Chapter 7: So Bae is BACK! Wonder where this is going to lead..
cupcake17 #9
Chapter 7: gosh!! this story is hot
i love idea you bought big bang. but that girl is crazy, she did it everywhere she want.
but i wonder about her parent, where are they?
please update soon
botdflover #10
Chapter 7: Youngbae oppa! Where are you? I loved the scene between top and her. Youngbae Is My bias but Top is so awesome.