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Bonded+ (Become a Vampire)


But friends, he truly has friends now and its something he treasures more than he ever thought he would.



A place to drop little drabbles, or whatever is written, inspired by StrongBabyPanda's Bonded Series and HtBaV Series - using them both as a crossover universe (taking bits from both universes and mixing them for fun and a new storyline). 

Basic premise - Sehun, Jongin, Minho and Taemin are schoolmates dealing with their own issues but somehow have something in common.

They might make little sense, but I don't know, I'm just gonna post some things.

(Though there are a few 'set ships' everything is so shippable within StrongBabyPanda's stories, so I will likely mess around with ships)




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MyMinnieHo #1
Chapter 17: It's really fun to read your story cause it's well writing... And how i miss onho moments.... Nice job author-nim....
StrongBabyPanda #2
Chapter 2: I'm noticing how fantastically you're able to switch from a dramatic style to a humorous style in your writing. ;_; I envy this.
StrongBabyPanda #3
Chapter 1: ;_; Crying over how well written this is, seriously...