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My Love Is Just For You


Park Jiyeon the most beautiful girl in the school.One day,he met a guy named Park Chanyeol and she fell for him.But secretly,Chanyeol fell for her too but Park Jiyeon doesn't know about that.

Main Characters

Park Jiyeon

-19 year old


-likes Park Chanyeol

-loves to sing and dance

Park Chanyeol

-20 year old


-likes Park Jiyeon

-has a deep voice

-in the group named EXO



-Park Chanyeol's bestfriends

-famous in their school


Credits goes to --shootingstars from Imperfection Graphics  ->  www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/496717/i-m-p----r-f-e-c----i-o-n-gr--phics-o-p-e-n-b-a-t-c-h-o-n-e-c-l-o-s-e-d-hiring-1-designer-graphics-you-hiring-posters-glam-aff



Park Jiyeon is a kind and rich girl.She met Park Chanyeol when she run to the school gate and suddenly bumped into him.Both of them fell on the ground at the same time.Then Chanyeol stand up first and help Jiyeon to stand.Their story begin from the day they bumped into each other until now.

"Park Jiyeon!" -Park Chanyeol

"Nae,Chanyeol?" -Park Jiyeon

"Err...Nothing.Let me send you home?" -Park Chanyeol

"Sure!Let's go,Chanyeol" -Park Jiyeon

In front of Jiyeon's house.

"Chanyeol,see you tomorrow at school!" -Park Jiyeon

"See you,Jiyeon!" -Park Chanyeol

Then Chanyeol walk again but now he is going back to his house.

In Park Jiyeon's room

"Chanyeol....I like you..I love you but why you still didn't notice my feeling towards you,huh?" -Park Jiyeon

At Park Chanyeol's house

"Jiyeon,saranghae...I like you..but I don't have any braveness to tell you my feeling.." -Park Chanyeol


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mizzkpop96 #1
Chapter 4: Omg ,,, update again ,,,,,
Chapter 4: is she got PMS? Or just hungry?? ah.. yeollie soo care... and Baekkie care too.. i smell a love triangle here.. hahahahaha update soon saengie!!!
Chapter 3: update soon chinguya!
Nolito #4
Chapter 2: So nice , i like it , update soon
-chummy- #5
Chapter 2: nice hehe c:♥
Nolito #6
Chapter 1: So Nice , update fast
-chummy- #7
update cutiie ^.^
Nolito #8
So nice , update fast ^^
sincerly_me #9
wow cant wait till u update
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