It All Started With Green Tea Latte


Recipe for a tasty green tea latte: 

1. A little fate

2. Some good chemistry

3. A lot of love


ㅋㅋㅋ Hope everyone enjoys the making of this special green tea latte!


"Yah something up? The way you looked at Taemin just now was...unusual of you" Sehun nudged Kai, on the way back to their dorm. "Huh? Why was it unusual? I don't know, I thought everything was normal!" Kai's eyes avoided Sehun's gaze. 

"When I went in just now, you were looking at Taemin my dad looks at my mom" Sehun coughed, mentally slapping himself for his lame comparison. 

"What?! Stop joking around Sehun, that's so ridiculous!'s just that, I thought Taemin was really...pretty" Kai blushed at the end of his sentence. “His eyes, when they curve up into eye smiles…they’re so beautiful” Kai couldn’t help but blush once again. 


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Damn Suho XD
taekai69 #2
Chapter 3: taekai <3 suho lol omg why
N_Precious #3
Chapter 3: OMG~!!!!! HEHEH~!!! POOR SUHO..LMAO~!!! I LOVE IT~!!!
N_Precious #4
Chapter 2: awwwww so cute~~^^
imsocuriousyeah #5
Chapter 1: yes it looks cuute!!!