The Moonstone

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It's the coldest winter they've ever faced when Kris' pack finds a lone wolf in their territory.


His fur is as silver as the moon itself, something rather rare not only in this part of the realm. He opens his eyes lazily as he feels an unknown presence towering over him but makes no single move; like he knows that they're going to tear him apart the next second, him struggling or not making little to no difference.


The emerald glow of his orbs makes everyone gasp and stop in their track.


''Who are you?'' Kris growls at him, brows furrowed. ''What are you doing in our land?''


There's no answer, and just as Kris raises his clawed hand Luhan catches his wrist.


''Kris...wait, please...'' The leader shots him a look and Luhan withdraws his hand ever so quickly, hiding it behind his thigh. His head is hung low. ''I'm sorry. I didn't mean...I just... he's so young. And probably lost, or abandoned. He looks like he can barely catch a breath. Please, just...''


''Just what?'' If it was someone else they'd probably bite dirt by now and suffocate in their own blood, but the leader has a soft spot for Luhan - the first and only wolf with white-gold fur he's ever seen; the most beautiful and cherished omega in the pack.


So he lets his insubordination slide this time. ''He is either an intruder or a decoy. He needs to die.''


Two shadows move behind Kris and Luhan, shifting from their wolf forms to black-haired humans.


''He...indeed looks very young, Kris,'' one of them adds hesitantly, eyeing the stranger who now peeks at them carefully. ''Maybe we can give him a chance? Dying in this valley, far from home, is a fate I wouldn't wish to anyone. Not even my enemies. ''


''And his's so unique. Almost as unique as Luhan's...'' adds the taller boy before putting a hand on the other's shoulder. ''It would be a shame to...''


''He IS an enemy, Kyungsoo.'' Kris stresses and the other looks away, biting his lower lip. ''Kai. Don't overstep your position.''


Kris' eyes flash red and his warning growl makes Kai take a step back immediately, clutching at the hem of his shirt. 


''We don't know that for sure,'' Luhan argues, but his words are no louder than a whisper. He knows that he has to play this well, otherwise the boy will die. ''I remember when we found Baekhyun like this, in the snow...dying. Four years ago.''


Luhan's eyes shift to the stray wolf again as he speaks, and he's shocked to see that the other has already changed into his human form, silver hair covering his eyes.


''Don't! You'll freeze!''


Before anyone can react, Luhan lungs himself forward and hugs up to the shivering body, covering them both with a heavy cloak. They get up, looking almost like twins in the bluish light of the moon, tips of noses and cheeks aready flushed pink from the cold.


''Kris. Please...'' Luhan begs, not caring about his pride. Something about the other wolf – he's so young, a cub almost, this is not right, he shouldn't die like this, no one should – making him braver and more determined against his better judgement. He has to save his life, even if it means overstepping his position in the pack. ''I've never asked you for anything, but just this once...spare him. I beg you.''


It's then that the stranger puts his face in the crook of Luhan's elegant neck and clings to him like a cub would to its mother, the gesture completely open, vulnerable and so final.


Luhan doesn't smell fear though; doesn't smell much of anything he knows. Maybe...maybe the boy doesn't believe he'll live.


Maybe that's how losing every strand of hope feels.


''It's okay. It's really okay. Thank you for trying.'' The boy's words, whispered against soft skin of Luhan's shoulder are so quiet that the golden-haired man almost misses them. After a few strained seconds another puff of air caresses Luhan's skin.''You're beautiful and kind. Thank you. That's enough.''


Kris takes a step towards them and Luhan hugs the boy closer.




Pairings: Sehun x Luhan, Kai x Kyungsoo, Chanyeol x Baekhyun, Kris x Tao

Rating: R/NC-17





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Chapter 4: Aww... you made Xiumin evil. I like Xiumin! XD aww... poor Luhan! He wants to be with Sehun but he doesn't allowed rules...
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i really like the story
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Chapter 32: Still here patiently waiting until you have time to update this
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Chapter 32: I just read this story and i finished it in one day :) i really hope u will update it cause im really curious
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Chapter 32: Authornim update juseyo 
Love this story ♡♡♡♡♡
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Chapter 17: i read the title of this chapter as painful turds and i can't stop laughing hel p
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Chapter 23: True! I do not like the growing amount of reader insert fanfics! A huge M/M fan I am.
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Chapter 23: True! I do not like the growing amount of reader insert fanfics! A huge M/M fan I am.