You Can't Control Me

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Kim Na Ri's life was going the way she planned.

But when everything is going good, something bad has to happen.....more like always. The trouble in her life was Kim Chin Ho, her own younger brother. 

She wanted to laugh everytime she had to say his name, it meant precious and goodness.

She snorts, What Bull. 

He dropped out of school and now getting himself involved with gangs, leaving her debts and the responsibility of bailing him out from jail. 

Eventually, Na Ri would realize that she would be happy to continue to do all that. She would have chosen that life over the one she would be force to receive later on. 



I didn't want to add this but it is starting to become worrying for me again - 

My story is not the same as Loviet's 'Home'. It can't be the same if you look at the years the stories were published. Also, there is a message that Loviet kindly placed in her 'Home's' foreword. Many readers have mentioned it in the comment section and I'm not offended, I'm glad you brought it up but it's getting repetitive for me to explain myself. This story may not be as great as Loviet's 'Home' but it was still one of my earlier works which I'm fond of. I don't want to feel like I'm plagiarizing a popular story. Thank you. 


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Chapter 36: tbvh this is my third time reading this bcs bbang is bae as heck <3 anyway, WTF I CANT BELIEVE MYSELF THAT I FINISHED READING THIS FIC IN ONE DAY HOLYSHHHH mwA i love u bYE
soneseokyu #2
aaaaah you don't know how much i love yongguk here~~ for an earlier work this is a great plot line!
and even tho i read loviet's home first before i read this but i know when she mention you in the foreword that the plot line will be great. imma big fan of your story! so don't say that loviet's story is better than yours!!! that story is inspired by yours which mean the original one is a great story already!! fightiiiiing authornim!
Kimtara08 #3
Chapter 35: Amazing and interesting story. This is the third time I read the whole story. Can't stop myself from reading it again and again. Great work. Superb :) :)
Chapter 35: Yay for happy ending ^3^♥
exocubix196 #5
Chapter 13: uh oh what's wrong with himchan... do I really want to know? btw good story so far
hyroin #6
seriously loved it
loveliesnear #7
Congrats! Definitely gonna give this a try!
Chapter 16: I know what absent seizures are but not from here. Ive had them for going on 8 years now. Youre close to it.
_nrlfatihah #9
Chapter 36: I read this for hours straight until 3am. You know how good this story ìs that makes me stay up!!!!!!!!! This is the best i swear. Everything was nicely written and the plot just perfectly beautiful. Just amazing trust me. And this fanfic deserves more than being featured
parkminrin98 #10
Love love love!!!!!

Can I have Bang as my boyfriend too lol xD!

Naaahh ,my husband would be raging in fury if he read what I type here hahahagag....

I even read this fanfic secretly hahaha.. If not eerrrmm, he will get jealous, don't need to actually, I choose him!

Ok, I'm starting to ramble nonsense, BTW nice story you have!
I will read the sequel soon!
When I'm not busy hihihih