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"Daeyooonieeeeeee" He whined laying on his bed. "Yoonie!" You still continued to sit there typing your paper. "Yoonie! Yoonie! Yoonie!" You slammed your hands down on your keyboard, "What is it Baekhyun?" You shout. Pouted He sat up and crosed his arms, "Is that anyway to talk to your best friend?" You sighed and rubbed your temples, "I'm sorry." You sighed.


 Picking your head back up, you looked to him, "But what is it now Baekhyun?"Baekhyun smiled at you apology and sprawled on his bed again, "Nothing, I just like saying your name."  You looked at him bewildered as he picked up his manga and began to read it.


 You and baekhyun have been friends for years. Ever since you two were little, you were neighbors, it didn't matter where you moved, or where you went, the two of you would always end up nighbors again. Always being near eachother, you two grew close. In grade school, Baekhyun was always the kid that got picked on and you were his savior. In middle school, Baekhyun got taller and you stayed the same height and the tables turned. However, in high school, baekhyun stayed the same while the grew up to his shoulder. You can that during high school, Baekhyun got popular. That did all weird things to him. He started wearing eyeliner and dying his hair.


 You looked up at Baekhyun, now he doesn't wear that much eyeliner, but that doesn't mean he doesn't wear it. And his hair, it was a blondish color right now. Taking his attention away from his manga he turned to you, "Are you looking at you Oppa's iness?" He questioned. Blushing, you turned your head, "Gayness, maybe." Pouting, Baekhyun sat up. "You're a big meanie! Fat meanie!" You ooked over to him, "Don't call me fat, you scrony boy." Baekhyun's eyes widen, "Scrony? Hey, I have a body like Kris! You know, the one your write about in your diary! Aren't you too old to be having one?" You gritted your teeth and threw a pillow at him. "Aren't you took ing old to be reading my diary?" You cursed.


 Trying to imatate your voice, Baekhyun did girly hand motions. "Oh, look at me. My name is Ahn Daeyoon! I think my s are too big and my is too small! Kris is an girl! All I do is think about kris and my small and over grown s everyday!"  You threw another pillow and Baekhyun caught it. Sticking his tongue out at you, you slammed you laptop shut. Standing up, you pointed at Baekhyun. "When will you ever grow up? You may look legal and have the age, you you act like you're ing five. I swear Byun Baekhyun, I just can't stand you sometimes! You're so immature and annoying! Just leave me alone! Call me when you learn to start acting like a man!"


Turning your heal, you stomped out of his room, out the apartment and into your's across the hall. Slamming your door, you put your laptop on the counter and sunk into your couch.  Throwing a fit like a little kid, you dropped on the floor and started rollling, "Dumb Baekhyun!" Cupping your s, you looked down at them, "Dumb ies" You the let your arms frail, "And dumb small !"


 Sitting up, you made your way to you're room and lifted up your matress to get your diary. Holding it up to your face, you scrunched your nose, "Good thing I replaced his name with Kris's."


 You laid down in you bed and closed your eyes. Soon drifting off to sleep. About 2 hours later, you began to feel a ticklish sensation on your left thigh, believeing it was just the wind blowing from the central air, you reached down to sooth your leg, instead, you felt a hand. Quickly jumping up and crawled back on your bed until you were against your head board and saw a half Baekhyun crawling up. "B-baekhyun." You stuttered as his hand trailed up your leg. "Hello, Daeyoon Sweetheart." Trialing his hands up, he brung his other hand to your knee as the other one stopped there. Opening up your legs, you looked down at Baekhyun, "W-what are you doing?" He looked up at you before laughing darkly, "Being a man, baby girl."


 You watched him and his hands travled highier and higher to you covered core. Playing with you're shorts, He gently tugged them down causing you to react and put your hands on his. "Stop Baekhyunnie." You whined, trying to get his hands off you. He lightly growled before he pushed you down on the bed and pulled your shorts off. Going in between your legs, the thumbed the wetspot in your underwear, causing you to bite your lip. "Why should I,baby?" He said as the pushed harder on your core, You tried hard not to ,  "Please Baekhyun." 


 He smiled down, "Nope." Sliding his finger under the annoying fabric, the traced up and down your slit. "It'xs not like you're trying to run away anyway, you know you like this just." He added another finger. "As much." Another. "As I do." You gasp at his three fingers inside of you. Curling them, you arched your back and unknowingly, you let  his name slide out, "Baekhyunnie."  Smirking, He took his other hand ans slid down your , He then jabbed his fanigers inside of you. You arched you back in pain, "!" You cursed.


 Baekhyun looked up at you darkly, "Trying to be slick and replace my name with Kris's" He twisted his fingers inside of you and you wimpered as you felt onto the bedding, "I almost thought I didn't have a chance anymore." You gasp as he began to pump his fingers harshly within you. "er!" You cursed.  "I'm about to" You could feel the knot in your stomach growing and Baekhyun's jeans grew tighter. Just as you were about to release, Baekhyun pulled his finger's out. "Baekhyun! You er! I was so close!"


  "No." He said flatly. Waving his fingers in your face, you caught on and put them in your moth, on his fingers, you tasted your own juices as your fingers swirled in you mouth. Baekyun, could feel twitch at the thought of you doing that to him. Pulling his finger's out, he pulled your shirt over your head and quickly attacked your lips. Without sparing anytime, his tongue darted from in his mouth to inside yours.


  your wet caverns, you wrapped your arms around his neck as he used one of his hands to support you both ad the other groping and squezzing your covered . From under the fabric, your s errected. Searching your , Baekhyun soo realized that your bra was a front clasp, he struggle for a few seconds to get it off, but eventuall took it off with ease. Pulling away, your bra fell down your shoulders. Baekhyun genlty pushed you down as he hovered above you. Gazing down at your mounds, you grew shy and covered them. Taking your hands away, he kisses both of your errected d, "Don't they're beautiful."


 You blushed as he took one of your s in his mouth, on it, he lightly nibbled and you ed more. Your fingers tangled into hi blonde hair. You always wondered how he kept it so soft even after he dyed it countless times. Moving away his hand from your , he proceed to and nibble as he left love marks on your . Moving to the next one, he continued to shower it with the same love and care. His hand soon travel down to your womanhood once again. Rubbing on it, you ed out his name, "Baekhyunnie~" 


 "Mmmmm" He hummed against your to show he was paying attention. You pulled his from out of your chest and looked him in the eye, "Why am I the only one ?" Baekhyun laughed before getting up and stripping himself of his pants, exposing his pink boxer briefs. "Pink?" You questioned? Baekhyun laughed, "Real men wear pink." You laughed before pulling over to you by the band of his boxers. You lightly d over the tent that formed. Suductivly looking up at him, you can see him looking down at you with lustful eyes. He moved your hair away from your face, you then looked back at his bulge and pulle his boxers down letting them fall to the ground, his hard sprung out.


 Grabbing it by the shaft, to lightly sqeezed it making baekhyun run his fingers in your hair and grunting. Slowly pumping his , you blew on the tip, making his eyes shut. "" He cursed into the hot air conditioned air. The air was cold, but the feeling was hot. the precum from his tip, your hands slowly made there way to his balls as you maddage his sack. Engulfing what you could, you head bobbed as Baekhyun fought with himself to stay standing. Pumping him as you , Beakhyun pulled you head away. 


 Forcefully, he picked you up and threwyou on the bed, "I can't wait any longer." He cooed into your ear as he plunged himself into you. Arching you back, you grabbed onto his arms and forced him into your kiss. of your woman hood, your damp walls encircled . " , baby, you're so tight." He grunted as he pulled away. 


 Pulling him back down, you brung your face into his neck as you ed into it. "Oh ." Your profane words filled the air, joining the sound of as skin slapped. Biting down on his neck, he grunted as his left hand soon found your . He sqeezed it as he turn the both of you over. Sitting on his lap, he sat up too has he held your and you started to bounce on his errected . "." He cursed as your hips rocked, rolled, and humped faster.


 You wrapped your arms around his neck as you continued riding him. Throwing your head back, he repeatedily, hit your g-spot. "er!" You cursed. ing u harder at your spot, you felt your stomach tighten and him twitch. Within seconds, you both fell into heaven's grasp. Riding out your , you fell to his and snuggled into his chest, "So we're a man now? Are we?" Baekhyun nodded before pulling you in closer and kissing you forehead.

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-KekeMato- #1
Hehehehehehehe an amazing one shot :)) I just realised that your foreword says 'beast friend' not 'best friend' :) was it a typo or was it done purposely (if u know what I mean .. ^^ wiggles eyebrows) hehehehehehehe :) anyway, loved this fic :$
nananeko #2
Little-Red #3
BaekToLulla #4
Chapter 1: Baekhyun so manly/? XD
0102ahn #5
Chapter 1: I love it! byun baekhyun's real a man~
0102ahn #6
WOW.. It will be great! Thankyu for take my plot hehe..

I'll waiting for the update <3
jongieballs #7