Sweet Like You


She stood up straight to serve whoever this new customer that has come in. The moment the door was opened, a tall figure entered with his long steps. There wasn’t so many customers with such height so Haera was dazzled for a while. But it was impossible to look at his face since he wore an oversized muffler, a sunglasses and even a cap that exposed only 1/4 of his face. The way he swiftly made his way to the counter, the way one of his hand was in his jeans pocket while the other held his bag strap on his shoulder, it was something that Haera used to see before.

                The man approached her, his head was hung low as Haera tried to not obviously peeking for his face. In a flash, she swore she could see his lips twitched to a smirk when he pulled down the muffler. A very familiar smirk she hadn’t seen for quite a long time. Haera widened her eyes, assumptions had flooded her mind but they were all too good to be true.


Just a sweet oneshot for another best friend of mine, Lola_Jun..

I decided to write a fluff for you.. *forget the angst that I planned before..*

Since i was somehow captivated by Yeol's innocence and sweetness and cuteness and chodingness.. *okay enough*

Again, it's long because I'm bad at skipping even the tiniest part.. forgive me if it's boring..

Thanks for reading.. comments are truly loved.. *let me see who else love Sungyeol's cuteness*

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Chapter 1: Oh wow, this story is so sweet! I think I have cavities now! X3 Great job.
Chapter 1: Wow! So sweet..i wanna date with yeol too!
Lola_Jun #3
Chapter 1: Wah!!such a nice story!..huhuhu really love it..it totally great!really love yeollie♥고마워 형for this amazing story...yeollie♥♥♥n the gif he's look so cute~
Chapter 1: Its so fluffy I'm gonna die!! :o but seriously this was... Amazing! Beautifully written and a beautiful plot :)
attaek_on_writing #5
Chapter 1: Awwww ahdiwnduownw such a sweet one shot! It melted my heart!

Don't worry Sungyeol! I'm sure any girl would absolutely enjoy any date they go with you.