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You and Luhan


What if one day, your worst nightmare came true? Oh, because it did. You, Park Minah, is now living her nightmare. You would never imagine living with an annoying jerk who treats you terribly at school to come true. And who is that jerk? Xiao Luhan. The guy you wanted to push off a clift and let Satan's raft swallow him. But what if...living together wasn't a mistake. It was fate. What happens if you two fall for each other? Will everything crash and burn? Or will it just fall into place?


Park Minah (You) 

You are a 17 year old girl who's very kind, independent, and has an innocent look. But, you are quiet most of the time. People make fun of you because they know you won't speak up. You don't have much friends at all. You like to stay independent and rely on yourself the most. Sometimes, you have trouble accepting help from others. When someone takes it too far, that's when you speak out. On the inside, you are very loud and outgoing. You like to laugh and explore different places. You love taking pictures and baking. You have a past that no one knows about and you like to keep it a secret. 


Xiao Luhan

The 18 year old jerk that you hate so much. A flower boy who grew up with wealth. He has many fangirls chasing after him and weird friends that are very close to him. He's cold towards girls because of what happened in his past. Especially ones that look very innocent. On the inside, Luhan is very caring and kind. He's willing to put anyone first before him. He's helpful and likes to laugh. He has a big and warm heart and likes to sing and dance. It just takes a while to melt his cold heart to bring out who he really is. Oh, and he's very stubborn. 


-Auhtor's Note-

Here's the Luhan scenario I'll be working on! The Divide and Conquer story I originally was working on failed because I was drawing blanks. So, here's a replacement. Enjoy and feedback would help! Thanks^^ ~Admin Sun And thank you to Kpopforeveryuying for creating the lovely poster for my story.^-^

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Cyrastazia () says about chapter 29:
Ow Please don't make it any longer ! I'm dying here .. Can't you just continue with the 40 chapters promise ? -Please ... :(

24HOURS () says:
So lucky that i found this story! xD
I like you Author-nim~~
Please Himnae! Hwaiiting~!

jazlynsand () says about chapter 36:
Oh gawd Luhan tsk tsk you childish boy ;) Anyway I really enjoyed this chapter please update soon author-nim

Kookiesnkreamx3 () says about chapter 36:
omfgggg so cuteeeee
aha lulu you cheesy person :')

maexleslie () says:
Hi new reader here! I really like your story!

donghoaddict () says about chapter 36:
every update of your story makes my day!Update soon author-nim!Aja!Fighting!:)

HunHaney () says about chapter 36:
I have been dying waiting for what happen next ! Fighthing author-nim ! Write their collage lifeee !

Purplekpoppanda () says about chapter 35:
Please update soon! I would love to know what happens!

megzr_18 () says about chapter 35:

IExoLover () says about chapter 35:

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