The Red Umbrella


Prompts : Red Umbrella, Rainy days.

Genre : Angst

Characters : Hoya, Park Daehee (fic)






The fluttering feelings that Daehee earned inside her whenever this one man appeared in her sight, she never knew when did it start to spark. To see him smiling was the most enjoyable view she could have, probably the best thing that she loved in school that can ease her mind from the distressing school stuffs. To have him around her made her feel calm and safe, even though he never done anything to earn such regard from her.

          But all of those sweet feelings she had weren’t enough to cover the hurtful side of her feeling. Nothing hurts more than having an unrequited love, being all alone admiring one person who never even knew her existence.

         Every day Daehee sat at the end of the class, watching her admired person from afar. She wanted to be closer to him, but it’s impossible. She wanted to talk to him, but she’s afraid of rejection. Her heart ached when she couldn’t even approach him, even though they were in the same class, in the same place every day and yet she was still a coward little girl.

          He wasn’t an ordinary person that she could easily approach. Lee Howon, famous with the nickname Hoya was the well-known student in the school. His gifted handsome face, plus with his amazing tough physique wasn’t the only thing that garnered the attention from the whole people in school. He’s a quite intelligent student who never missed the top three spots among their batch. Dancing was his special skill that he was proud of. Dance machine, they called him. Of course, Daehee wasn’t the only girl that admire him. Almost all of the females in the school, including young teachers and workers do admire him and that’s what made Daehee invisible.

          She’s just a little girl among those people. Nothing special on her. Being a timid girl she was, it wasn’t just Hoya that she had never talked to. She didn’t even dare to blurt a word towards any of male classmates in her class. That just made her more invisible.

          She tried hard to distant herself away from him, afraid that her growing one-sided feeling would eventually kill her one day.

          But everything changed during one rainy day. 

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Chapter 2: A very nice story full of emotions ^^
Chapter 2: I will give this fanfic 10/10 stars
I know that this story is simple, but I think it deserve it.
you make me want to cry when read this but thanks for the happy ending with a sad atmosphere.
I think I should read this fanfic when raining.
Great job authors
Chapter 2: SO BEAUTIFUL~~!! <3
Chapter 2: BEAUTIFUUULL!!!!!~~ T^T
Lola_Jun #5
Chapter 2: Such a nice sided story!love it♥♥!
inspirit-beauty #6
Chapter 2: another effin wonderful story?? why? why are you so awesome authornim? OTL why didnt you make this longer? *sigh* but all in all it was great reading this :)
Chapter 2: 대박!!!! Really love it! One sided love story..just like mine..ㅜㅜ
i hope my story will hv the same ending like this story..
Chapter 2: Yay!! A happily ever after :D
Chapter 2: I love how you wrote this! I don't think words can express how much I love this story~! <3
Chapter 1: i almost cry T^T